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What are the characteristics of a great leader?

What are the characteristics of a great leader? Motivation is the chief characteristic of a great leader. Leaders have the tendency to develop passion for ideals, ideas and specific tasks which make them go for it. A self-starter breaks the ice, undertakes the initiative to transform the ideas into reality. This in turn benefits everyone. Leaders need to rely upon their own credentials and instincts in order to establish a positive environment and to keep others motivated. A great leader who is self-motivated has the traits like being ambitious, being self-confident, committed and being self-assessing. A person’s state of mind is reflected by his positive or negative attitude. Leaders cannot have followers till they are self-motivated, ambitious and determined. A leader who motivates is a great asset. So, if you are a leader and want your group to accomplish a common goal, you need to keep them motivated. Energizing the team A good leader, passionate about the goal, will energize the team. Do not be a fault finder but try and infuse positive energy within your team members. Help them to realize their strengths. Try to make the members passionate and energetic. Infuse a positive energy so that the members bubble with energy. Yes, it is the duty of a leader. Emphasizing the importance of teammates No organization can ever run without the teammates. Consider people as your foremost priority. Know that you are in the people business, (more…)