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A highlight on tea party campaign activities

A highlight on tea party campaign activities With the increased disconsent of the Obama administration in leadership and increased fame of the Tea party campaign within ranks of the Republican, many people are hoping and believe that the G.O.P might make a comeback in November elections and regain control over the 2016 election polls. This further expands the power in the house and pick up other state governorships. This might happened and we won’t be surprised even if it happens.However, we might not be accurate and are objective predictors for the upcoming results of the election. Latest election polls In some cases, it seems to be excessive optimism and wishful thought to face the reality in electoral situations that America is facing. To be more specific, challengers failing to consider the influential and decision making factors in the Senate elections. These factors includes the unyielding will power of the adequately funded Washington political establishments to keep hold on power by all means and the deplorable failure of the Tea party republican participants to build and implement an extensive strategy to win elections by winning voters which is effective as compared to other well known counterparts. The simple fact behind this seems to be the adherence to moral and ethical principles of the national election system which is being compromised by increased corruption and overspending on advertisements by political parties. They keep on using big lies, big money, (more…)

The region wise look at Clinton’s chances of being the next U.S President

The region wise look at Clinton’s chances of being the next U.S President The team Clinton this time is gearing up for a superb Hillary poll 2016. Hillary, as in Mrs. Hillary Clinton, is one of the most known faces, not only in the United States of America but also around the world. She has held offices in the past that have been prestigious to say the least, and that’s why she not only is a front runner for this upcoming election season, but she is also a pretty popular face to win it. The early poll and primary poll trends suggest that she can easily win and take over the candidacy of the Democratic wing. While, some early results also predict that she can easily take on and challenge Donald Trump or any other candidate from the Republican Party for the final polls. Of course, first she has to beat her opponent at the Democratic Primary, but that seems to under control as Clinton looks all but set to spearhead her party’s challenge for the most powerful office on earth. The stronghold states for the Democrats: Republicans are quite strong in the Southern States of the U.S; however even the Democrats have strong bases when it comes to battling between the states. If there is a polling face-off between the states in Hillary vs. the Republicans, the chances are that the Democrat strongholds will help her out for sure. States like the (more…)

2016 republican presidential polls

2016 republican presidential polls As the 2016 republican presidential polls are about to start, the heat is increasing among the electors as well as the voters. For the 2016 presidential polls, this time some of the known and famous personalities have come up on the battlefield. Three gentlemen of the Republic party that are Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Jeb Bush are not only known characters but also are strong contenders for the position. Now people are will be voting for the electors should know at least something about the parties. Democratic Party has been known to the public for quite a some time; now it is also important to know about the Republic party. About the Republic party The Republic party started since the year 1854 and since then is known for its harmony based living. It has been noticed that there are some narrow but deep differences between the ideologies of the Republic Part from the Democratic. One of the main differences is that the Democratic Party gains support from some of the most well-known corporate personalities for the funding of their campaigning. While on the other hand the Republic Party does not believe in such heavy contributions by others and hence are simple in living. They have contributors too but not as financially rich as the Democratic Party has in their support for their candidates. Also, the Republic Party is transparent (more…)