Everything You Should Know about Second Degree Assault Attorney

Everything You Should Know about Second Degree Assault Attorney

The traditional assault, sometimes referred to as battery, involves harm or physical contact to another person that’s done without consent and intentionally. A second-degree assault charge may be filed once the defendant attempted to use physical contact just to cause harm. They might not succeed in harming or touch the other party, yet once they try to, they will be charged with a second-degree assault. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to hire a second degree assault attorney.

Contacting a second degree assault lawyer is essential if you’re facing charges. The state takes such charges seriously and penalties may be severe. Having the best and an experienced lawyer by your side will likely increase your chances to achieve the best possible results.

Know the Offense’s Elements

The threats may result to second degree assault charges once the defendant intends to frighten the other party into believing that a sort of dangerous physical contact is actually imminent. It means that the defendant did something with an intention to place somebody in fear that they about to be harmed or touched, which the defendant had an apparent ability that moment to do it and this is because of the actions of the defendant, the accuser was placed in fear reasonably that they’re about to be harmed.

Difference in the Assault Charges

Second-degree assault is basically a misdemeanor, which just means that it’s within the jurisdiction of the court. Usually, second degree assault can be moved only to the circuit court once the defendant requests the jury for the reason that the jury trials are held only in the circuit court. The batteries and assaults are codified in criminal law. These days, the charges of first degree assault and second degree assault are used in encompassing battery.

Potential Defenses

Your hired second degree assault attorney will examine the facts and evidence of the case to determine whether the defendants have valid self-defense arguments. For you to argue self-defense, defendants should be able to prove that they have a reasonable belief that the other side was about to harm them or harming them, and defendant utilized only as much force as needed to stop that from occurring.

How a Lawyer Can Help?

While it isn’t as serious as the first degree assault charges, the possible penalties for the second degree assault charges can have some significant effects on one’s life. If you’re facing some charges, the second degree assault lawyer can work with you to mitigate damages and get the results you want.

If you are facing a first degree assault charge, hiring a first degree assault attorney is your best option.


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