How avoid insomnia in the earlier phase of pregnancy?

How avoid insomnia in the earlier phase of pregnancy?

Most women experience some sleep problems during pregnancy. Sleep problems after the birth of the baby is common and is known as pregnant and insomnia.  Many people may feel strange hearing about sleep problems in the first trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy is often exhausting during day time and it creates problems during night also is sleep is interrupted. During the first trimester pregnant woman usually go to bed earlier and sleeps more. But, a big drop in the quality of the sleep is noticed. Though insomnia treatment can be a problem, the good news is that it does not disturb the baby and is not harmful to him.

Understand insomnia

In this disorder known as pregnant and insomnia the patient feels difficulty in getting asleep or staying asleep. During pregnancy some women experience insomnia during the first trimester as well as third trimster. But insomnia in the third trimester is more common. There are many reasons for the occurrence of this phenomenon.

Causes for insomnia during pregnancy

There are many reasons that make a pregnant woman stay awake during the wee hours. Some of them are furnished below.

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Frequent urge for urination
  • Tenderness in breast
  • Back pain
  • Vivid dreams
  • Heart burn

There can be other causes which are stress related. Your anxiety about delivery can be a reason and worry about balancing your life with the arrival of the baby can be the other reason. Some of the tips for preventing insomnia treatment during pregnancy are described below

Develop a sleep routine

Fix a convenient and go to bed every day at this time. Start your routine with something that can relax you. Don’t spend time before TV screen at least one hour before the time fixed for night’s sleep. Blue light form mobile, TV, or tablet can have adverse effect on your sleep and affect your circadian rhythm.  Instead you may read a book during this time.

Take a cool bath that can make you sleepy.  In cold countries bathing in moderately warm water will be good. This has been found to be very useful in the early days of pregnancy. Take care to limit the bath time to 10 minutes to avoid any harm that can be caused by long bath.

Drink more water

It is better to drink a lot of water during day time. Visit insomnia doctor md.  But drinking water has to be controlled after 7.00 pm. Do not drink coffee or tea after about 3.00 pm as it can cause problems to comfortable sleep.

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