Hair Relaxers and Perms – What are Their Differences?

Hair Relaxers and Perms – What are Their Differences?

Most people seem to think that hair relaxers and perms are exactly the same thing. But, did you know that these are in fact two completely different hair smoothing treatments. These days, both perms and relaxers have become a trend. Almost all salons you can find out there offers hair relaxing and perming services as people fully embrace these types of hair treatments. However, before you choose any of these services, you first need to understand the real differences between perms and relaxers so that you can pick the most ideal service for yourself.

What to Know About Perms and Relaxers

When it comes to implementation, perms and relaxers are almost the same. The two treatments can lift the hair strand’s outermost layer, and break the hair bonds much deeper to change the natural hair texture.

Perms add waves or curls to hair, while the relaxers aim to straight existing waves. These two treatments both make use of heat and chemicals to alter the texture of hair. Results can vary since the pH levels of the chemicals used in relaxing and perming differ. Reshaping of the hair will primarily depend on the chemicals’ pH value.

Hair Relaxers

A hair relaxer is a method used to permanently straighten hair. This is also sometimes called Japanese hair straightening and thermal reconditioning. During a hair relaxer treatment, your hair will be tightly called with heat presence. The hair relaxer treatment can offer you straight hair that will stay straight until your new hair starts to grow. But, straight hair acquired from thermal reconditioning doesn’t appear silkier and healthier like that of keratin treatment.

Hair Perms

Perms are being used to add waves and curls to naturally straight hair. The process is performed with the use of chemicals which are applied to your hair together with rods or rollers. Once the chemicals are applied, the hair will take the shape of the rods or roller, and is neutralized. This shape that your hair gets during treatment will become your hair’s new shape. It is very possible to customize the size and shape of the curls during this treatment. Perming can last until your new hair has grown out.

With your hair being subjected to chemicals and heat during perming and relaxing treatments, your hair has to be in great condition to be able to bear all these treatments. Professional hair salons rockville md don’t recommend relaxing and perming to people who have fine hair.

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