How To Make Your Vinyl Siding Look New?

How To Make Your Vinyl Siding Look New?

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular sidings out there, but the weather can make them look a little worse for wear over time. If your vinyl siding

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Vinyl siding is one of the most popular sidings out there, but the weather can make them look a little worse for wear over time. If your vinyl siding is looking a little faded and not fresh, then you should contact a siding contractor to inspect the siding and let you know if they should be repaired or replaced. To keep your vinyl siding looking new, here are some tips.

Choose The Right Solution

More often than not, people don’t even know what solution to use to clean their vinyl siding. The choice of solution is extremely crucial because it’s going to make or break your siding. The reason why sidings can look faded in the first place is because of irregular cleaning or not cleaning it with the right products.

If you don’t want to make your own vinyl siding cleaner at home then there are a lot of cleaning solutions that you can opt for. You need to choose something that’s gentle on the siding and does not damage it in any way. Keep the siding away from harsh chemicals and acid-based cleaners because even though they might not look damaging at first glance, it can slowly deteriorate the siding from the inside and make it look even more faded.

So, always check the label of the solution before purchasing it, because you will save your siding from reasonable damage.

Clean The Siding Regularly

One of the things that can instantly make your siding look a lot newer and cleaner is regular cleaning. This can be hard for some people, but if you think about it, regularly cleaning your siding will take a lot less time because you’re getting rid of the gunk and grime daily and you won’t have to spend too much time on intensive cleaning.

This is why it’s suggested to hose down your siding and wipe away the dirt, grime, and other debris from the surface with a washcloth, that’s soft to the touch. Your siding will look brand new again whether it’s vinyl, stucco, brick, or stone veneer siding.

Moisture Repelling Products

Moisture is one of the biggest agents that can cause damage and fading of the siding. This is also something that your siding has to be in contact with on a daily basis because it’s outside and at the mercy of the harsh weather conditions. The best thing that you can do to protect your siding from moisture damage, is to seal it with a water-repellent clear coat.

These sealants are available almost everywhere and they work like magic. Your siding, once sealed, will not allow any liquid to penetrate inside the material and it will also prevent fungus and mildew formation.

Look For Any Cracks

Cracks are the first signs of damage in any siding, but in vinyl siding, this can turn a whole lot worse. there may be holes in vinyl siding as well. Cracks and holes are entryways for bacteria and mold to take refuge inside the structure and it can cause immense damage if you’re ignoring the signs for too long.

Cracks can occur because of weather or impact damage, but your main job is to look for the cracks and seal them up as soon as possible. This is going to prevent premature fading of the material and irreparable damage.

Prevent Fungus

Speaking of moisture, it can lead to fungus and mold formation, and in turn, it can cause increased fading, discoloration and ultimately, breaking and damage beyond repair. Fungus growth is unfortunately quite common to occur since the siding is exposed to all kinds of elements outdoors.

Sometimes, leaving the siding wet after cleaning can lead to a rapid increase in mold and fungus formation, which is why it’s recommended that you always air-dry the siding to avoid this problem. This will also prevent discoloration in the future, so this preventative measure goes a long way.

Pressure Washers – Are They Good?

Pressure washers are commonly used to spritz water on the siding to effectively clean them, without getting your hands wet or dirty. It’s a pretty nifty tool, but is it always the best? The answer depends on how old your siding is.

If your siding has a lot of cracks and chips, then a pressure washer might not be the best thing to use because the high-pressure stream of water can deepen the cracks and cause water leakages inside the siding and you know what that means. Your siding will be ruined in no time. As an alternative, you can use a wet washcloth and some solution to clean the siding.

If you have a deck and pergola, using pressure washers is a norm. However, pergola contractors Long Island also suggest you to use pressure washers only if the deck and pergola are not damaged. Because the damaged parts of the deck or pergola may become worse with pressure washing.

Choose The Right Restoring Paint

Painting the siding is also a great way to protect it from fading, but the smart thing to do, is to find a good color restoring paint. This will be different from regular paint because a color restoring paint has special pigments in it that can penetrate inside the material and protect the vinyl from fading too much under the influence of the hot, wet, and cold weather.

This restoring paint is a miracle in a can and it can turn your siding from nothing to something.

UV Protection

Sidings are exposed to the sun for, well, the majority of the day, and just like your skin, the vinyl siding also needs UV protection. UV rays are the biggest culprit that can cause premature fading of the vinyl siding since it’s not naturally UV resistant. Lucky for you, however, there are plenty of UV top coats available for applying on the siding.

It’s like a sunscreen for your siding. It’s going to prevent the harmful UV rays from penetrating inside the material and ruining it. This is a great protective step that’s going to make your siding look newer for longer.

Use Vinegar

If store-bought cleaners are getting a little too expensive for everyday use, then there’s no need to worry because you can make your own effective vinyl siding cleaning solution at home, with ingredients you already have lying around in the pantry.

All you need for this is some water and some vinegar. You have two choices. Use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Mix in about 70% of water and 30% of vinegar by weight and mix the two. Get a soft washcloth or microfiber cloth drench it in the mixture and apply it on the siding in a wiping motion to get rid of any splatters of dirt, debris, and fungus. Your siding will not only be clean but disinfected as well.

Wonders Of TSP

Trisodium phosphate is a powerful but lethal cleaning agent, so you should take care when using it to clean the siding. Cover the surrounding plants and put on your mask and gloves because inhalation of TSP can be harmful to you. However, this chemical cleaning agent is going to get rid of everything; including gunk, grime, mildew, and fungus, so you’ll be good to go.


Who needs to replace their siding when you have these tips to freshen up the look? It will cost you way less and your siding will look brand new. However, if your siding is cracked or damaged, you’re better off replacing it. Get in touch with siding companies Port Jefferson for inspections and quotes.