Things you should Know about Joint Replacement

Things you should Know about Joint Replacement

Knee pain treatment and joint pain treatment may often require patients to undergo joint replacement surgery. Your joint pain doctor would advise if y

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Knee pain treatment and joint pain treatment may often require patients to undergo joint replacement surgery. Your joint pain doctor would advise if you should go for joint replacement or not. Also he would suggest if you don’t need to opt for joint replacements. Often joint replacements are preferred to the adult patients. The pain and damage to their joints cannot be treated with medicines and other form of therapies.There are various facts that are unknown to people about joint pain and replacements. People are mostly afraid to go for joint replacements because of the notions like forever issues to the joints etc.

Facts about Joint Replacements


You can walk from day one after the surgery of joint replacements. Any joint replacement surgery would allow you to walk and move from day one after the surgery. You would not need to stay completely on bed for weeks. Surgeons may recommend limited movements but not completely restriction, after surgery.

Pain Management

Most of patients, who are afraid about the after pain of the surgery, are not aware that joint replacement pain can be effectively managed. There are methods like femoral nerve block or anesthesia injection around groin to block pain. This would stop severe pain in almost 70% of patients. If still pain does not subside, oral medications would be followed after surgery.

Option of Knuckle Replacements

As it comes to joint replacement people consider only hip and knee replacement. But, surgeons can also replace knuckles, finger joints or shoulder joints in case of heavy damage or major issue with them that are not subsiding with medications. If consulted to authorized surgeons one can understand possible options available for their problems and overcome them.

Proper Physical Therapy

A proper physical therapy after any surgery is must. Surgeons would suggest you the movements that are required to be followed. Along with these movements your physical therapist would guide you how to recover from the surgery properly. If physical therapy is not followed properly then you may face issues for after movements.

All Joints are Different

All joints are different and there are different levels of complications after each replacement. It should not be believed that you would suffer similar complication after shoulder joint replacement like that of knee joint replacement mclean va. It should be understood that you would not suffer from similar issues that like of other patients. Different types of artificial joints would be used and that would also decide your level of pain.