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Human Hair Extensions – Best Ways to Wear Them

Human Hair Extensions – Best Ways to Wear Them Human hair extensions are popular these days because they can quickly be blended into one’s look just as normal as your real hair. Clip in extensions that are made from human hair are famous today because they can be styled easily. Whether you color it, shampooed or conditioned, it can be styled beautifully without damaging it. Human hair extensions are also preferred over synthetic hair that can be damaged easily through constant styling and handling. With practice and a bit of patience, you can master styling your own human hair extension. The best thing about this is that you can be creative in your own ways. There are numerous options that you may try when styling human extensions, yet majority of women prefer this silky, long, and simple look. How to Use Human Hair Extensions There are many steps that you have to follow to make the best look with human hair extensions. However, you have to ensure that you keep your own hair clean and you have to get rid of the knots through combing it before putting clip in hair extensions. If you like to straighten your hair first, see to it that you use a straightening iron on the human hair extensions, yet test the heat on a particular small piece to ensure that this won’t damage the hair strands. When you’ve prepared your own hair as (more…)


OAKLEY SUNGLASSES: Know About Well known eye wear apparel with high defined optics will be Oakley sunglasses. It is known for its authentic products, availability of more than 200 + eye wear varieties. Easy online shopping with cash on delivery, offering one year warranty, free shipping and free home delivery, free return within 14 days are the beneficiary qualities of Oakley sunglasses.  Amazon, flip cart, eBay are some of the e-commerce venue that will make avail the products. Unique and varied ethics are been followed in manufacturing but which are known not to be followed by the other competitors. It is the valid point put forth by the Oakley sunglasses. They involve highly proven testing procedures while making the high defined optics. Some of them are narrated below: Clarity test: This ensures the sharpness of the image viewed through the lenses. Refractive power test: This enhances the magnification of the image without any distortion. Prism test:This reduces the bending of light that leads to the change of actual position of the image. HIGH DEFINED POLARISED LENSES: To drain out the stress and tension that arises out of glare, Oakley uses HD polarized lens while manufacturing. No matter concern about the glare which distracts the sports person or the common man who wish performing or enjoying the nature respectively. SNOW BOARDING SUNGLASSES especially for skiers or snow boarders will minimizes the glare due to snowy (more…)

Why is micro link hair extension method the best for your hair?

Why is micro link hair extension method the best for your hair? Micro link hair extensions – a modern technology, which connects all best currently existing artificial hair extension techniques. These hair extensions will not differ from your natural hair regardless of its length and volume. At present, only in this way, you can increase hair on all parts of the head. It’s the only one method that is suitable for men and does not imply any limitations in the choice of donors. Applying Micro link hair extensions Micro link hair extensions – a unique fresh technique which allowsto make extensions on short hair, extend bangs and increase hair in temples. This method is suitable for thin hair and short haircuts. It’s ideal for those who don’t have enough hair density, or who want to revitalize thin and loose curls. Micro link hair extensions can be applied on a men hair who want to hide balding areas. We use the thinnest strands (much smaller than the standard) and tiny links (several times less than conventional); they allow you to get so subtle and imperceptible connection of natural and artificial curls, that the owner of a new hairstyle will not be able to see. Ease of micro links can also reduce the load on the hair. To fix tiny links,our professionals uses forceps 3 mm wide; for comparison: in the usual extension tool, the width is twice as high. Correction Micro link hair (more…)

Hair Extension: All you need to know

Hair Extension: All you need to know Hair extension is the process of elongating your hair by the addition of a human or artificial hair. Most of the time the natural hair is not long and full enough our head, this necessitate the incorporation of synthetic hair into the human air to make it long and full. The natural hair is very flexible so the structure and color can be changed by dying, ironing, and perming whereas this cannot be done on artificial or synthetic hair. Methods of hair extensions The glue in method; this method involves the attachment of the synthetic hair with a bond using a hot device to fuse it on. It is one of the commonly used methods and also has good look. It requires timely maintenance. However, care should be taken to avoid contact with hot objects as this will make the bond to lose, making the extension to come out. The Sewn-in method; this extension method are suitable for thick and curly hair, hair that will match them. They are integrated by being sewn tightly it into the natural hair. The sewn-in method demands that you visit the hair salon often usually every five weeks. This is to make sure the extensions are tight fits and in good condition. The micro bead; this is also popular method of hair extension. Jenny Hayward, a talented extension expert and high-class fashion girl, turns (more…)


BRANDED SPORTS SUNGLASSES FOR BEST VISION AND SAFETY James Jannard started this brand Oakley and this brand is famous for lifestyle collection including Oakley Sunglasses. This brand manufactures sunglasses, watches and even ski goggles. First pair of goggles was released in the year 1980 which was eyewear and the frame was O shaped. The brand logo was printed on the strap.   Popular brands for sports wear The brand is popular for its sportswear. Later in 1983 they started with their ski goggles. This brand gets its eye wear and fashion pieces developed keeping in view of the athletes. They even test their pieces in the field and in extreme conditions. The standard required for this pieces are also maintained. This brand has its M frame sunglasses which are included in the protective eye wear list of the US army. This brand has a wide range of sunglasses collection which can be customized. Any lenses can be used for blocking the sun light and make the vision clear. They have prism lenses, running lenses and fire iridium lenses.   Moist absorption and clear vision Many mountain climbers and skaters need sunglasses, to avoid reflection and have clear vision. They look for best polarized sunglasses. As they travel in extreme climates they need to have clear vision and the sunglasses which are visible in foggy climate. This brand comes with best collection with different names like Flight deck, O2, (more…)

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