What Is Hair Botox And Everything You Should Know About It

What Is Hair Botox And Everything You Should Know About It

Hair botox is basically a treatment for immensely damaged and super-tangled hair. It can also be called a straightening treatment in other words, beca

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Hair botox is basically a treatment for immensely damaged and super-tangled hair. It can also be called a straightening treatment in other words, because it sets your frizzy and messy hair straight. Here’s all you need to know about hair botox before you decide to get it for yourself from a hair straightening salon.

Attributes Of Hair Botox!

It Can Cure Damaged Hair; A Number Of Natural Essentials Like Protein, Antioxidants, Vitamins And Etc.

People get hair Botox so that they can instill their hair with a totally new essence. People whose hair has gotten damaged for numerous reasons are most likely to get hair botox because they’re expecting their hair to be rejuvenated. Hair botox is a hair treatment that tends to repair your damaged hair in the most natural way possible because it contains ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants and protein.

It Tends To Give You Perfectly Straight And Shimmering Locks

After you get the botox done, your hair is likely to be straightened out. Your hair is likely to gain back the long lost shine. Therefore, if you want your hair to look pin-straight and glossy, don’t think more than once and get your hair a nice and pretty hair botox from one of the most esteemed salons you know.

It Rejuvenates Your Hair And There’s No Possibility Of Damage Due To Chemicals

At times, your hair goes dead because of pollution and various other factors that keep damaging your hair steadily; the prototype of your hair starts losing itself because of the not-so-organic environment we are in. Hair botox can bless your hair with another life – that too without posing any threat to the inherent nature of it. Isn’t that truly amazing?

It Works Wonders For Over-Processed And Dehydrated Hair

Hair that has been through several treatments is at the verge of being lousy and damaged. Such hair can be retreated for its own good. Hair botox is the best solution for hair that has already been processed quite a few times. Dehydration is another threat looming over your hair’s prototype, and hair botox is the most apt treatment for those with dehydrated and dehumidified hair.

It Tends To Last For More Than 2 Months And Less Than 4 Months

Hair botox is quite a treat for those who wanna enjoy straight and shimmering hair and yet don’t wanna lose the true quintessence of their hair. Rest assured, results produced by hair botox tend to fade within 4 months, it can sometimes wither away in less than 4 months but it cannot go longer than 4 months – that is for sure.

Aftercare Suggested By Professionals For Hair Botox!

If you want your botox to stay any longer than 2 months, you gotta roll up your sleeves and get a bunch of things done every so often.

Shampoo Your Hair With A Sulfate Free, Silicon Free And Paraben Free Shampoo

One of the things you can do to get your hair botox linger is, removing sulfate-containing, silicon-containing and paraben-containing shampoo from your bathroom accessories’ cabinet. Your hair loses the tendency to bond with these three chemicals the moment it gets processed in some hair salon for hair botox.

Apply A Hair Mask Enriched With Vitamins For 15-20 Minutes Once A Week

It’s quite a hearsay that hair masks equipped with vitamins can prove to be really good for the hair that has been recently processed. Once a week or else (if you’re a lazy person) twice a week, you should put it on for the nourishment of your newly treated hair. Don’t forget that you can make your hair stay straight and shiny if you develop a habit of taking good care of them.

Condition Your Hair As Often As You Can, And Comb Through Your Hair Before You Wash It Off

Whether you have hair botox or not, you’re still supposed to shampoo your hair in alternate days and condition it at least twice a week, but when you’ve gotten hair botox, you need to choose a shampoo-conditioner duo that is specifically designed for processed hair. Your hair needs to be shampooed and conditioned frequently in order to make things go on in a smooth and unperturbed pace. You can talk with your Brazilian keratin salon Rockville to know more about different hair straightening methods.