Do You Know How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Do You Know How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not be taken for granted. They demand care and nurturing like your very own hair. Hair extensions salons will not educate you on h

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Hair extensions are not be taken for granted. They demand care and nurturing like your very own hair. Hair extensions salons will not educate you on how to take care of your extensions when you don’t ask them how. But we are here to bring you from the dark and show you the proper way to take care of you extensions without damaging them.

Don’t Sleep With Them On

Human hair extensions feel good when you’re looking in the mirror. There’s more volume to your hair and they are the perfect length that you want them to be. But going to sleep with your clip in hair extensions on is not a very good idea. It is always recommended to sleep with the sense of rawness. No make-up. No lenses. No wigs.

You know how your hair gets when you wake from sleep and it’s not pretty. They get all tangled, messy and dull. Further, the clips in the extension might hurt really badly after. There is a very likely chance that clips are going to wake you up at night by poking you in the scalp. Spare yourself the trouble and take off your extensions or the sake of a good night’s sleep.

Take Care of Them Like You Would Take Care of Your Own Hair

Treat them like your children. Certainly, not literally. But at least treat them like your own hair. Don’t put a lot of harsh chemicals on them that will endanger their texture and color. Human hair extensions especially needs to be treated like your very own hair. Find mild shampoos for your extensions as they are not subjected to the oil on your scalp as much as your own hair. Condition them lightly too and find suitable products taking caution regarding the texture of the extensions.

Don’t Brush Them While They Are Still Wet

Brushing your wet extensions will only lead them to being frizzier and the hair might shed. If you must brush use a comb with bristles that are widely spaced.

Dry Them Naturally

Drying your hair extensions with a blow dryer is not necessarily the best option to dry them. Even the hair extension salons prohibit you to do so. Certain extensions that are not made from human hair are made out of synthetic fibers.

Hair extensions made out of synthetic fibers stick to one another when subjected to heat. Thus if you must blow dry, that is in the case of emergency and you need to put it on for this event that you have to attend, then apply thermal protectant spray on the extension first. Otherwise the best option to dry off you wig is by hanging it out in the open and letting them dry naturally. This will keep them from suffering from potential damage.

Storing Hair Extensions

When you have used hair extensions, don’t just remove them and leave on the dressing table or any temporary place. Instead store them in a dry and dust-free place which doesn’t receive direct sunlight. It could be dresser drawer, cabinet or any other place.

Also, be sure that your hair extensions are dry when you store. If they are wet, leave them to dry naturally. This will help you prevent mold or bacteria from growing on your extensions. These simple storage instructions must be followed as they will help you improve the lifespan of your hair extensions.

Style Them with Care

While styling your Remy or human hair extensions Potomac, remember that your extensions are literally human hair. And even if they are not, you can’t style them neglecting their maintenance. Extensions tend to come styled but if you must make some alterations to match your natural hairstyle then it is best if you have at least two extensions. One for straightening and the other for curling. If you keep applying heat to the same extension it will soon wear out. Thus, style it and keep that way.

Also, take caution that you are not wearing your extension in a ponytail. Not all extensions are to be worn in a ponytail. The ones that are to be worn in a ponytail come in packaging that says so. If you wear regular extensions in ponytail you will only end up exposing them to further damage.