Stone Veneer Contractor – Know When to Hire Professionals and How Much It’d Cost

Stone Veneer Contractor – Know When to Hire Professionals and How Much It’d Cost

Have considered adding style to your home with stone veneer? If so, hiring a stone veneer contractor might come beneficial.

Most of you know that home remodeling is a huge step and may include costs that you might not think about. Even if it may differ from one project to another, you should know how much it would cost to install stone veneer as well as how stone may improve your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Stone Veneer?

According to a report, installing stone veneer may cost on average about $7,500. With 92.9 percent return, stone veneer projects give you high ROI, which is the 2nd highest of any particular remodeling project. There are some factors that could affect the cost of stone veneer and these include:

  • Stone Veneer Project’s Size

Usually, if you are going to redo a big wall with stone veneer or some columns on your home’s exterior, you are going to use more products than if you’re just putting small accent anywhere. Stone veneer may differ per square foot when compared to the siding costing of natural stone. The bigger the area you are covering, the higher the cost you’ll have to pay.

  • Stone Veneer Installation Cost

If you are going to hire a contractor, there’ll be an added cost for stone veneer installation. Tasks such as area preparation, adding mortar, measuring, and laying out of stone are included in the cost. As you are looking for pros, take note that it is essential to acquire various quotes for home improvement projects.

  • Stone Project’s Complexity

Remember the kind of project you are aiming for. For instance, the cost in installing stone veneer in the fireplace might differ in the cost from accent wall because the area’s size will differ from one home to another. The project’s complexity may also impact the labor costs. If it is an intricate installation with numerous angles, corner, and cuts of stone veneer materials, the costs will increase.

Advantages of Hiring Professionals for Your Stone Veneer Project

Hiring professionals to do the stone veneer project is an additional expense, yet the finished product is worth the associated costs. Professionals won’t only ensure that every piece of stone veneer is installed correctly, yet it’ll save you lots of labor and time. So, hire a masonry contractor long island for your project to experience the difference.

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