Why Should You Replace Your Heat Pump?

Why Should You Replace Your Heat Pump?

Heat Pump Maintenance Heat Pumps are very important especially in really cold winters that are experienced in some parts of the country. A Heat Pump

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Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pumps are very important especially in really cold winters that are experienced in some parts of the country. A Heat Pump is a device that provides heat energy in a cold area from a source of heat. The area where it provides heat is called the heat sink. Heat pumps are used in electronic devices like air conditioners and help maintain the temperature of an establishment. Many people have central heating and air conditioning devices installed in their offices and houses so that they can maintain a pleasant temperature indoor during the cold months. Heat pumps are used for refrigeration for cooling purposes where the heat pumps operate in a reverse function and cool instead of heating. Heat pumps should be replaced every few years. The following are reasons why you should replace your heat pump:

Reasons to Replace Heat Pump:

• Generally people replace their heat pump after 10 years of usage. The performance of the heat pump usually diminishes over time and use so the appropriate time to replace a heat pump is 10 years.

• The most common reason for replacing a heat pump is if it starts giving you problems. There are number of technical problems that can arise in heat pumps. Some major components like reversing valve, compressor or accumulator go bad after using it for many years. When it is cheaper to buy a new heat pump instead of repeatedly trying to fix the heat pump it is time to replace the heat pump.

• As heat pumps are used over the years the efficiency of the heat pump keeps reducing over time. This means that a new or a couple of years old heat pump will give better performance than say a 10 year old heat pump. Efficiency of heat pump reduces every year of its use.

• Another factor that needs to be considered while using a heat pump is warranty. Repair of heat pump is expensive and if you have to keep repairing it costs a lot of money. As warranty expires in a few years, the repair costs have to be borne by you. With a new heat pump there are less chances of need for repairs and if it is in the warranty period then repairs will be made by the company itself.

• Regular maintenance can make a heat pump last over ten years. However there are no guarantees of this and maintaining old inefficient heat pump is a task and costs money.

• As technology improves newer heat pumps are designed in such a way that they are more energy efficient than the older heat pumps. The energy efficiency as well as the performance of newer models is much better than using older models of heat pumps that can use up plenty of electricity and are not as efficient.

Hence because of the above reasons replacing a heat pump with a newer model of the heat pump is a good idea. Also when you replace a heat pump it is advisable to get information on all the options available to get the best model and the best possible deal.