Stone Veneer Contractor – Top Design Tips to Install Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer Contractor – Top Design Tips to Install Stone Veneer

Brick and stone homes are stately and give a timeless beauty, regardless of how big the house is. You may install stone veneer exterior for fresh look and as a natural, strong alternative to stucco or siding, just ensure that the design suits the style of your property. From using the right products to the best stone veneer contractor, your project with stone veneer should be well-planned and designed for great results.

Tips to Pick Between Various Kinds of Available Veneer

There’s a wide selection of available products for you to pick from in terms of exterior wall veneer. Manufactured stone or faux stone is factory made to resemble natural alternatives, but costs less. Basically, natural stone veneer is extremely thin stone that’s fitted together with the corner attachments to make the look of the natural stone wall. Every wall is completely unique and strong.

Brick veneer is another option that’s common on a lot of homes today. Essentially, the brick will that’s one wythe thick is attached to the wood framing as well as includes ventilation. It may also work to combine various kinds of veneer, making an exterior, which exudes character and great design. The brick veneer with included natural stone in particular areas is particularly striking.

The Best Accents Stand Out with Your Veneer

Consider how much the exterior walls must be covered with the stone veneer. Even if this product may look good on your entire home, a lot of homeowners consider installing this on an accent wall like in the garage or around their front door. This leaves the balance of exterior walls unchanged and provide that concentrated area a boost of attention making an instant focal point. Whenever transforming your home with the stone veneer, always ensure that the kind of veneer you have chosen goes well with your current brick. Take a sample into a showroom with you whenever you are selecting the veneer and compared the options while you are paying attention to the texture and color.

 Hire the Best Professional for the Job

Stone veneer isn’t something that you would want to handle on your own. It is not only expensive and heavy, stone veneer should be installed properly or the whole project will be at risk. The mortar should be mixed well as well as applied with the right consistency to make a lasting fit. The corners may be challenging and the masonry contractor skills are worth it to make sure that the completed product is good.

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