Things to Consider before Getting Outdoor Fireplace Design

Things to Consider before Getting Outdoor Fireplace Design

When it comes to home improvement, it is important to have a thorough planning including outdoor fireplace design. Having an outdoor fireplace is a home improvement items which is multipurpose to expand the living space. It provides you the light and warmth during cold months and allows you to spend more time outdoor. An outdoor fireplace will soon be the favorite place for family and friends to gather in a warmth and friendly atmosphere.

Outdoor fireplaces

Installing a new outdoor fireplace is a major project which requires proper design and planning to avoid accidents. If you are into the projects, below are some things to consider before hiring a masonry contractor.

Location – the location for the fireplace is crucial. It should be accessible for all family members and located not too far from the house and the structure should unite like a pool house or guest house. If there is an outdoor pool or hot tub, it is better to build the fireplace close to it to provide additional light and warmth. But if the yard is not too wide, you can install the fireplace to the patio or deck. For a house with a larger yard, you can build separate patio further from the house and install a larger fireplace.

The function and size – outdoor fireplace is a true investment for the landscape. Along with the fireplace, you may want to build the outdoor living room as well. You may wish to build the fireplace to deliver entertainment space with an open fireplace. Some people also install the fireplace because they want to provide a cozy area for the family and friends to gather in cold weather. The purpose of building the fireplace is essential since it is related to the size of the fireplace itself. The size depends on what you are going to do with the fireplace. If you want to make a room for large group to gather, you may need a bigger size of the fireplace to provide the light and warmth for more people. But if you want to make it an intimate space, you can choose smaller fireplace instead.

Designing outdoor fireplace

Storage and drainage – the fireplace should have proper storage and drainage system. It can be a built in or close to the fireplace storage for propane or wood. If you use the fireplace to cook, you may need an extra storage for the cooking utensils. Make sure to carefully plan the area for cleaning supplies, fire extinguisher, and the fire itself. Also, makes sure that the spot has protection against rain, snow, or frost and it should have the proper drainage system.

Fuel options – basically, there are two types of fuel options for fireplace; propane fueled or wood burning. The cheaper option is the wood burning fireplace but it has the inconvenience as you will need to install a chimney. For a gas fireplace, you will need to have proper venting and gas line. Make sure to consider carefully about the fuel options.

Carefully consider the basic requirements for outdoor fireplace design gives you the most benefits of it. The fireplace will be the favorite place for family members; therefore, it is important to make it as safe and proper as possible. Consult with masonry contractor long island.

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