Tree trimming is an art and science

Tree trimming is an art and science

When it comes to professional tree care, there are 2 types of tree trimming; the type that you commit on a tree because you hesitate that its branches are becoming a hazard, and the type you commit on a tree because you know that some selective pruning can better the tree fitness and longevity. Today, we are discussing the second kind.

When to trim

Arborists are internationally united in saying that trees with diseased, damaged, dead limbs, or pest-ridden should have those limbs removed as soon as possible. They also note that if you have the choice, there is decidedly a top time to prune, right at the transition from chill months to spring. Before the buds start to open, a tree experiences a return to life surge that permits it to heal more immediately from injuries: that is the top time to perform some best tree trimming.

It is also worse to prune a tree during extremely hot periods, extremely chill periods, or extremely day periods.  The heat causes sap to flow more immediately, and tree pruning injury can cause to excessive sap loss. On the other hand, the cold causes the sap to flow more slowly and can cause to an injury remaining open without defensive snap “callous” forming over it. Dry periods have the same issue, but because there is basically not enough sap to go around.

How to trim

When trimming a tree for health factors, you will want to cut the branches as near to the base as you can, without leaving behind a stub, but without removing over bark from the remaining tree body. “Topping,” or haphazardly cutting off the bigger branches or the full top of a tree, is never the best idea. If you need to get rid of one fork of a split tree, work from the outside in, pruning that forks branches down until only the trunk remain, then cut the fork off a half-inch or high from the main trunks body. This will decrease the chances of making a very big wound that will have issue healing and endanger the tree in the future.

Tree trimming and removal service

If you are not positive in your capability to prune your trees rightly, hire a tree care service – they do so much more than just tree services silver spring md. They will have the skill to trim your tree in a way that is both an improved to its full health and to its aesthetics. And if it turns out the damage is not just restricted to a branch or 2 like you believed, well, they can forever fall back on the tree removal thing.

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