Wedding Chair Rental – Popular Wedding Chair Styles

Wedding Chair Rental – Popular Wedding Chair Styles

Once you have decided to go for a wedding chair rental, you might be surprised with the myriad of styles and options available at your local rental company. This could make it a bit overwhelming for you to make a choice. Well, there’s no need to pull your hair out as the only thing you need to do is pick the chair which will best complement the setting and overall aesthetics of your wedding. To assist you in sorting through the numerous choices and decide as to what will work best for you, below is a quick guide to some of the most in demand styles of wedding chairs available right now.

Bentwood Chair

Taking inspiration from the classic Thonet bentwood chair, it is a classic café style chair that is relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. These chairs are most applicable for outdoor venues such as gardens or vineyards or in more open space and rustic settings such as a brick-walled loft, barn, or tent.

Chiavari Chair

No doubt one of the most famous styles, the classic chiavari chair is available in various colors, ranging from gold, white, mahogany to even translucent and bright yellow. It is an extremely versatile chair which can work well for formal events held in banquet halls and ballrooms, to more casual settings such as gardens and tents.

Folding Chair

Wooden folding chairs are often available in white and various wood stains. These usually come with padded seat for additional comfort. This particular chair style is simple and clean, easily complementing various wedding settings.

Cross-Back Chair

It is an elegant chair of farmhouse style, with its X-shaped back and curved lines, making it an ideal way of bringing a formal and classic feel to a more rustic feeling setting.

Ghost Chair

If you want to go for a more glamorous and modern look, an acrylic ghost chair is a wonderful option. Such translucent chairs have a transparent form and regal shape, and they look super chic if you group them together en masse at your reception or ceremony.

Versailles Chair

The French-inspired stylish chair is a wonderful choice for a formal and classic wedding. This is often available in gilded gold and more neutral hues such as white and black.

French Slotted Chair

Table and chair and tent rentals also offer French slotted chairs, another versatile style which is a bit casual yet still looks elegant which make them a great option for outdoor settings such as vineyards or gardens.


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