6 Common Commercial Freezer Problems And Their Solutions

6 Common Commercial Freezer Problems And Their Solutions

Taking care of your freezers is always better than hiring a commercial freezer repair company. There are a number of reasons for this. Like, when you

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Taking care of your freezers is always better than hiring a commercial freezer repair company. There are a number of reasons for this. Like, when you will start taking care and maintaining your freezers, you will know more about these appliances. You can fix the issues by yourself, save a lot of money and help others in their freezer issues too.

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In order to make it easier for the commercial freezer users, we are sharing some of the most common freezers issues according to commercial refrigerators repairs companies with their solutions. The tips included in the post will help you increase your understanding about freezers and solve the issues without going to any commercial freezer repairs company.

Commercial refrigerators problems

Let’s explore some of the most common commercial freezer issues and how we can fix them immediately. It should be noted, you may need special tools to fix the electronic appliances so keep them otherwise get someone’s help.

  1. Freezer Not Working

When a freezer is not working or cooling the food as it should, there can be multiple reasons behind it. First, you need to make sure it has power and the switch is turned on. Now check if the interior light is working. When a freezer is connected to power, the interior light should work. If still it is not working, you need to check the compressor and make sure the fan is working behind the freezer. Any one of these tips should work for a freezer that stops working suddenly.

  1. Freezer Doesn’t Freeze

When a freezer is not providing cooling or freezing, you need to look for the following issues. Connect it to the power, make sure the condenser is working and compressor is fine as well. Sometimes, the ice stored on the sealing damage them and it prevents the freezer part from sending cooling to the area where food is stored.

  1. Water Leaking on the Floor

This is a very common issue with many commercial freezers that you will notice water leakage on the floor near the area it’s placed. This happens when the sealing is broken or the condenser is damaged. It might also be because water was spilled on the floor or a cube of ice dropped. You need to make sure the water on the floor is coming from the freezer and not any other source. The excessive amount of frost is often responsible for water leakage as it melts when the temperature rises and is turned into water.

  1. Freezer Making Strange Noises

Many people have reported this issue to commercial freezer repairs companies and they want the solution for it. First, you should make sure everything else is fine like the freezer is making ice, providing usual cooling level, temperature is fine etc. Many times, the noise comes after the machine has been working for hours and was not turned off. The amount of load and pressure causes the freezer produce sounds in form of noise. You may turn it off for one or two hours and check again for the same issue. You may hire a good commercial refrigerators repairs company or service provider who can fix the issue.

  1. Frost Build Up in the Freezer

When it comes to frost build up problem in the freezer, there are two obvious reasons for that. First, the door of the freezer was left open for hours and no one closed it. This negligence not only causes frost but damages the freezer as well in bad ways. Second, the temperature of the freezer is set to very low that needs to be changed. These two reasons with their solution should fix the defrost problem. You can also check the defrost cycle near the evaporator fan.

  1. Freezer Running Continuously

This issue has also been noted by the technicians of commercial freezer repairs Fairfax VA companies and according to the experts it happens because of a damaged thermostat when it can’t control temperature. Thermostat that controls temperature directs voltage to the compressor, evaporator fan and condenser. If this temperature controlling thermostat is not working fine, it causes the freezer to run continuously. It may also have some other associated issues so you should fix it or get help to solve the problem as soon as possible.