All The Snow Removal Answers Maryland Needs Before December

All The Snow Removal Answers Maryland Needs Before December

Where winter hits hardest across the United States, well-planned snow removal services are not optional here in Maryland. The East Coast takes frozen

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Where winter hits hardest across the United States, well-planned snow removal services are not optional here in Maryland. The East Coast takes frozen poundings from the elements every season that leave many other regions across the country stunned. Perseverance lays down the law right around every Thanksgiving or so, if not earlier: be prepared to stay warm and then burrow out, or be overwhelmed by seasonal wrath between December and March.

It’s time to call snow removal services

When snow, ice and sleet descend at their heaviest, many Maryland homeowners every season still find themselves buried and helpless for want of professional snow removal contingencies. Some would simply rather not pay someone else for something pride dictates they should be able to withstand when the freeze arrives. Some haven’t the means to arrange for someone else to swing by and dig them out – in those instances, it becomes a matter of, “If I don’t get it done, it won’t get done at all.” Still others may be missing the benefits of having an arranged snow-removal service to be called upon as needed.

So, what’s to know, right? It’s just hiring someone to either swing by with a snowblower or a few shovels to wipe out the drifts and clear the sidewalks, right? Anybody can do what these professionals are doing for a lot less money….right?


In a certain sentimental way, it’s a connection to the spirit of your community. Rest assured, your local snow removal service will be thinking of you with every glance at the five-day forecast. It isn’t just that you’re another invoice or blip in the monthly books. Every time we venture forth into Maryland’s heaviest snows and drive past one snow-plastered property after another, we can’t help but think about one family after another with day-to-day lives ground to a halt by a 100-year snow or the business that can’t provide livelihoods to their management and employees because neither workers nor patrons can afford to brave the weather.

Professional snow removal services proudly serve anyone who either doesn’t have the time to spare to shovel or plow their sidewalks and driveways – say, members of the full-time workforce who just don’t have it in them by the time they get home in the cold, dark night – or those who can’t manage the physical demands of it. During the heart of winter, that can quickly become a full-time commitment all its own. It’s a burden we’re proud to bear.


Winter can be a hazardous season in so many ways. More than dangerously low temperatures, razor-sharp winds and simple slip-and-fall hazards created by freezing, wet weather, snow cleaning can create serious hazards to property. Several inches of snow can easily conceal ground hazards capable of severely damaging shovels and snowblowers in an instant. Without some measure of instruction, plowing a street or driveway with a blade-equipped truck can massively damage surrounding mailboxes, cars and landscaping and even create danger to pedestrians and drivers.

This is why professional snow removal services extensively protect themselves against on-the-job catastrophes. Most carry in excess of $1 million in liability insurance coverage. All employees are covered under comprehensive worker’s compensation policies. Finally, you should only trust a snow removal service that carries a verifiable valid Maryland contractor’s license.


To be clear, we cannot recommend highly enough that all Maryland residents lock in contracts with professional snow removal services no later than October 15, in order to ensure available service by the time dangerous winter weather becomes a virtual certainty. That does not mean we recommend waiting until then.

Snow removal company

The earlier our friends and neighbors register for our services, the sooner we can clearly assess our workload and plan accordingly. That may mean purchasing additional equipment, hiring and training commercial snow removal, and any number of other operational considerations. That’s why we’re happy to negotiate some superb discounts for early birds and especially seniors who register well in advance. Please, feel free to give us a call today for an estimate and to talk about how to prepare yourself for winter’s worst when it arrives.