Why are online reviews important for your brand?

Why are online reviews important for your brand?

Whether you have a dentist clinic or a mobile shop, it is quite rare that customers will use the service or make a purchase without checking the onlin

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Whether you have a dentist clinic or a mobile shop, it is quite rare that customers will use the service or make a purchase without checking the online reviews. According to a survey in 2016, 90% of the customers read at least one or two online reviews before visiting a shop/business. This is one of the biggest reasons why online review generation is so important for a business/brand.

Quite importantly, more than 95% of the customers say that they are likely to avoid a business due to a negative review. So regardless of your industry, it is important to have a positive online image as it will give you several advantages.

By understanding the importance of online reviews, you will be able to optimise the experience of customers to create a positive brand image.

Why are online reviews so important for your business?

In this article, we put together several reasons why having online reviews is very important for your brand. These include the following:

Social proof increases purchases

Just think for yourself. Aren’t you more likely to buy something in case of strangers around you suggest that the service is worth your money? Well, your answer will be yes (in most of cases). Hence, it is self-evident why online reviews are so important for your business.

According to many experts, internet reviews have a very clear impact on the sales of a brand. Surveys say that sales can be driven as high as 60% by having an online brand presence. This means that you are likely to stay at the top of the competition.

They increase your visibility

Most of the times, customers check out search engines such as Bing and Google to find reviews regarding any particular brand. Sometimes, they may even check it out on Facebook. Such websites have their unique ways of surfacing and indexing content. However, all of them do value fresh and original content. At the same time, reviews from customers can feed content to the machine. As a result of this, your brand will be favoured by the search engine algorithms.

Consequently, your visibility will increase on the first page of google. This will not only generate more traffic to your website but will also increase your sales and conversion rate.

You seem more trustworthy

You can increase your brand’s credibility and trust through a stream of reviews. Perhaps some of the most interesting findings that recent research has concluded include the power of reviews. Indeed, reviews are a great way to build an online identity of your brand.

The way customers talk about your brand is just as important as having your name out there. Hence, a positive footprint will help you in driving your sales up to a significant level.

It expands the conversation about your brand

Both good and bad reviews spread very fast. According to surveys, more than 70% of the internet reviews are highly polarized in nature. This is especially true in the case of service oriented businesses such as drain cleaning services. This means that they are either about very good experiences or very bad experiences. The customers who stay in the middle of the spectrum usually do not bother to give a review.

So, positive reviews can significantly enhance the conversation about your brand in the market. This may, in turn, bring more sales.

Ending note

Since most people check online reviews before using a service nowadays, customer reviews are extremely important. Without positive reviews, your growth will be quite slow. In this regard, you may have to invest in some review generation tools (to increase your online presence). Consider it as an asset that will bring results later rather than thinking of it as a liability.