How To Decorate Your Pool Area

How To Decorate Your Pool Area

Pools are always the most favorite place in your home especially during spring and summer season when swimming refreshes your mood. However, a beautif

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Pools are always the most favorite place in your home especially during spring and summer season when swimming refreshes your mood. However, a beautifully decorated pool designed by pool contractors even cheers up your mood more due to the relaxing ambience in surroundings.

Below are a few tips to give a professionally designed beautiful look to your swimming pool.

Use Fancy Lights and Lanterns

Pools having fancy lights and lanterns look very beautiful as it can add an elite touch to the overall look especially during night time parties. Also, lantern lighting gives a vintage vibe to your pool making your place look extremely classy. This may also impress your guests as the most beautiful resorts in the world also follow the same pattern of gas lanterns for the lightening of their swimming pools.

Surround Your Pool with Garden and Classy Furniture

A lush green garden around a pool looks very refreshing and adding classy furniture on one side of the pool covered with a wooden shade will make it look extremely beautiful. However, try to use light weighted furniture of any material which is not much affected by water splashes and sunlight rays obviously. Also, one more thing has to be taken care of here and that is keeping long heighted trees away from the pool to keep it well maintained. It is because the dirt and debris of tree leaves create too much mess for pool water resulting in need of cleaning every other day.

Play with Stone Decor

Stone decor has always been in fashion and pool decor with stones makes it look very pretty giving it an antique touch. Making walkway with pebbles will add its beauty further while keeping plants of different colored flowers will give your pool a beautifully designed finished look. You can also keep small lanterns on each side of pool and few benches with an umbrella shade will make your pool a perfect place to spend your vacations in-house.

Use Stylish Furniture and Unique Plants

Swimming pools with beautiful decor look very fascinating especially when you go for the latest furniture styles and use unique plants to add greenery. You can use black colored simple and large sized sofas on one side of the pool with a stylish round table made of glass in the center of sofas. You can also put one small white colored vase on that table with fresh flowers in it for a relaxing ambience. Along with this, the wall behind these sofas can be covered with green plants from top to bottom which may create a small and intimate cocoon type touch to the overall look of your swimming pool. Keeping bonsai plants and large sized vases on sides of sofas may also give additional beauty to the pool.

Add a Spa to Your Pool

When you want to add a modern touch to your pool then adding spa is the best option to go for. This addition also attracts your family and friends to visit you more often and you can enjoy beautiful evenings with your loved ones. Also, it will save you a lot of money as well since you won’t need to visit your salon every month to get yourself relaxed. You can also add scented candles, lanterns and fresh rose petals to your spa area which will also contribute to create a relaxing ambience.

Add Some Fun Rides

Rides are an amazing addition to your swimming pool especially if you have children in your family. It is not necessary to add colorful slides if you don’t like it as adding just white or black colored slides which can match the overall decor theme of your pool will also look good and serve the basic purpose.

You can further decor it with LED lights and long benches on one side with umbrella shade. Swimming pool builders Long Island also recommend to add a proper dining table and chairs covered with a shade if you have large family size or frequently visiting guests plus you do not have space constraint as well. However, adding a fire pit and barbeque grill can make your parties more fun when you no more need to mess up your kitchens for managing frequent parties.