How to hire a professional HVAC company?

How to hire a professional HVAC company?

HVAC Maintenance Decades ago air conditioning was just about furnace repair and many did not give an afterthought about the ductwork because there wa

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HVAC Maintenance

Decades ago air conditioning was just about furnace repair and many did not give an afterthought about the ductwork because there was not too much fluctuation in temperature. A qualified HVAC service provider is required because HVAC requires electricity, natural gas, oil and Freon for the cooling unit. Before hiring a professional HVAC company, look out for the following factors:

Look for HVAC companies license and their contractors should have some experience. It is mandatory for contractors to meet qualification standards and pass a written examination. Many state governments provide license websites where you can look for professional license holders or find a telephone number to check their license status.

Energy Efficiency

HVAC companies should have insurance and bonds to hold their license. The professional visiting your house should carry liability insurance to shield house owners from any inadvertent damage.

The HVAC company should have a comprehensive list of recent clients with whom you can refer about the company’s performance and customer satisfaction. Call the customers to get relevant details.

If your HVAC system has a cutting edge design or energy efficiency like geothermal system or is an old system with steam radiators, ensure the company has the experience in handling such systems.

Repairing, replacing or installing a new HVAC can be costly. Get written estimates from at least 3 to 4 companies. If you are planning to buy a new HVAC, look at companies that have a selection of brands. These brands should be Energy Star certified AC products.

Depending on the heating or cooling equipment being installed or upgraded, it may qualify for tax credits or rebates. Check out for incentives with the company and ensure the entire project is being documented properly.

Professional HVAC Contractors

A contractor should spend a significant time evaluating the current system and should tell you if the system is oversized or too small based on the size of your home, windows and insulation levels. A good contractor will always check for air leaks and insulation and see to it that it meets the manufacturers guidelines.

Read the document carefully if applying for finance through the HVAC company‘s credit line.

If hiring a company for system maintenance, enroll yourself in the company’s service contract program.

Whether it is the maintenance of your HVAC system on a regular basis or looking for a one-time installation or upgrading the system, hire a professional HVAC company only after thorough research and interviews.