How to install wooden shutters?

How to install wooden shutters?

Wooden shutters act like a shield on a bright sunny day when you need to cut out that extra heat and light from your living room and want a cooler atm

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Wooden shutters act like a shield on a bright sunny day when you need to cut out that extra heat and light from your living room and want a cooler atmosphere in the house, wooden shutters also can help you keep those peeping Tom neighbors at bay, and wooden shutters were a feature of urban or historical houses but these days making their entry into most houses, the first question that crosses your mind is how to install them?

It is fairly easy with proper guidance and little knowledge about the shutters, it’s a thin frame that is either attached inside or outside the window panel.

Tools required to install window shutters

• A tape to measure

• A lightweight power drilling machine

• A screw driver

Materials that will be required

• First and foremost –shutters, they can be either purchased from nearby store or over the internet, you can also order for a custom made shutter.

• Hinges for the shutters

• Screws to keep them intact


The first Step is to make use of the measuring tape and measure the window in which you want to attach the shutter, metrics are always very important part because even I slight variation can spoil the whole purchase and effort behind it. If you are going for inside mount then measure inside the jamb from still to the top, measure from jamb to jamb for width measure.

If you are considering outside mount, the measuring depends on the mount style, you can use the shutter to measure the area of the window to be covered by it and you can also attach the hinges directly if the casing is flat, if casing slopes then you need to attach a block of wood against the casing

Hinges and screws may not be provided with your shutters, if this is the case you can easily fetch them from nearby store, before you start you’re mounting activity, keep the shutter on the floor right in front of the window to check everything is up to the mark and attach hinges in the shutter about 4 inches below measure from top of shutter and 4 inches above when measured from bottom of the shutter, now use the drill to make pilot holes in the frame but be careful not drill through the frame.

Before you attach the hinged shutter to the frame, determine exactly where the pilot holes should be drilled for hardware always keep small gap at top and bottom between shutter and window frame then you can mark the spot where you will attach the hinges and drill the pilot holes accordingly.

Now the rest is fairly simple, hold the window shutter upright and now attach the screws at the sight of pilot holes carefully not to misplace the screws which would causes the screw to enlarge the hole rendering the holes bigger than the screw, if a latch is required then you will have to place the pilot holes first and then all you need to do is to place the hardware you have and you are good to go with your newly installed shutter. Now it is ready to use. Enjoy your day.