How To Make Your Home Addition Affordable

How To Make Your Home Addition Affordable

As a homeowner, you might need to do home remodeling addition to fit your growing family. But most of the homeowners often seem confused and concerned

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As a homeowner, you might need to do home remodeling addition to fit your growing family. But most of the homeowners often seem confused and concerned about the price of a home addition. While the cost per foot of home additions can range anywhere from $250 to $400, the money you spend on these projects is actually considered an investment that will increase the value of your house.

Here are some great ideas to make any home addition more affordable, and getting the best for what you pay.

Go For Efficiency

Everything you plan for the home addition project should be well planned in order to make the whole process efficient. This always helps in keeping your project well within your budget range.

The space you have allocated for the project must also be used efficiently so you get the most out of the money you spend on the project. Pay only for what is required in the project, and avoid extra costs as much as possible.

Build On Existing Structure

You can save some money in a home addition project by building over existing structures like garages and porches. This way, you can cut the costs of excavating and setting up the foundation.

You can sit with your contractor to see if this is possible.

Avoid Going After Too Much Detail

Columns, Gables, Arches and other elements that add to the architectural detail can actually make your house more visually appealing, but these details can also add to the overall cost of the home addition project.

So, go for functionality only and avoid going after too much detail. Less materials and labor are needed in straightforward designs, and so, you can save a whole lot of money in the whole project.

Hire A Design Build Firm

Most homeowners might prefer choosing independent contractors, but these contractors don’t actually know the cost implications of what you are asking them to build. On the other hand, design build firms are well experienced in taking calculated steps.

Since a design build firm does all the work on the construction site, they will know which design decisions will have a direct impact on the total cost of your home addition. That is why you can ask a design build firm about cutting the costs to fit the project in your budget, and they’ll offer valuable suggestions that’ll actually work without compromising the quality.

Reduce The Work On Your Existing House

When you start a home addition project, there are usually two types of costs. You’ll have to pay for the additional part that’ll be built, and also for the renovation that’ll need to be done in your existing house to make it work with the newly-built house. You can actually reduce the renovation work to save lots of money.

For example, you can use an existing window as a doorway to connect the new part and the preexisting house. This can help you avoid the structural costs. If you end up removing a whole wall to modify the house, you’ll have to spend a lot of money just on this renovation part. So, avoid spending money on renovating the existing house, and spend all of it on the new part.

Avoid Building A Full Basement

If you have plans to add to any side of your house, you should avoid building a full basement to save on the extra excavation, foundation and other costs.

You can find lots of good and cheaper replacements of a full basement that you can try to build the new structure on. This approach also works in the areas where it’s really hard for heavy equipment to reach.

Reconsider The Materials You Choose For The Project

As a homeowner, you have a lot of materials to choose from when you’re looking to start a home addition project. There are materials ranging from luxurious ones to budget friendly and bang-for-buck materials that get the job done. You have the luxury of choosing the materials that suit your budget.

You can sit with your architects builders DC and give them an idea about your home addition budget and expectations. This way, they’ll be able to provide you with the sweet spot between budget-friendliness and luxury.