Should You Sell House Without An Agent?

Should You Sell House Without An Agent?

Real estate agents have a great respect in real estate business because these are the people who help buyers and sellers manage their houses. But so

Real estate agents have a great respect in real estate business because these are the people who help buyers and sellers manage their houses. But some people believe, they can sell or buy a new house without an agent. This seems to be something that can save some money but may have some cons.

Below we will go through some pros and cons of hiring real estate agent to help you decide well on your own.

Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

1. Easy Work

A real estate agent is a kind of facilitator for both the parties, the buyer and the seller. The buyer gets a reasonable house for their budget while the sellers also manages to sell their house timely without waiting much for the clients. The delay also means the sellers may put some money in maintenance and the buyer may also get an expensive house.

2. Saves A Lot of Time and Energy

Though nowadays people prefer to buy and sell their houses on their own without involving agents. But this costs them a lot of time and they also spend some energy. The agents make it easier for the clients to find buyers and sellers. They have details of every property on sale in the nearby areas so they don’t waste much time of the either side and provide them with clients on time.

3. Real Estate Agent, an Expert

Whether you are a seller or buyer, you must hire an agent. They know better than anyone else about houses, market trends, prices and have better convincing skills. They can deal with buyers and sellers in the best way and often make it possible for both parties to reach an agreement. Moreover, it offers a kind of contentment that you have sold or purchased the house through a professional and reliable estate agent.

4. Satisfaction and Peace of Mind

With a realtor, you get satisfaction that you made the right decision. In many cases, the buyer pays less amount for a house because the realtor found some issues and cleared to both the parties. Similarly, a seller often gets better price for their property because of an estate agent. Furthermore, the involvement of an agent is a kind of a third party in the agreement that can be asked for help in case of any issues or problem.

Why Not to Hire a Real Estate Agent?

1. Huge Commissions

This is one of the major reasons why people don’t prefer hiring a realtor. These guys demand a huge amount in form of commissions from both the parties. They also manage to make a lot of money as they get from the seller as well as the buyer. People with properties worth of million dollars may like to hire an agent but those with small properties or houses don’t want to spend a huge amount on the agents.

2. Undertrained Agents

It happens many times that the clients, seller or the buyer, is not satisfied with the performance of the agents. Professional and trained real estate agents are hard to find these days and people don’t wish to spend a lot of money on undertrained agents who can’t negotiate or make deals. This is one of the reasons people are discouraged about agents when they sell or buy properties.

3. Additional Cost

Assume, a person has decided to sell or buy a house in a certain amount. They don’t want to reduce or increase the price. They know if they hire an agent, a certain percentage of their property will go to the agent. They already have limited resources so they can’t really afford an agent.

What to Do Now?

We have discussed both sides of the story. On positive side, a seller or buyer manages to get a good house without spending too much. The agents also help them save some money as well as they don’t waste much of their time.  On the contrary, they want commissions and the seller and buyer have to pay them a huge amount.

Now it’s up to the clients whether they want a realtor or not. If you want a house in short time, with reasonable amount- hire an agent. If you are not in any haste, take your time and find the right people for your properties without agents