Large Equipment In Commercial Kitchen And Their Uses

Large Equipment In Commercial Kitchen And Their Uses

Commercial kitchen set up is definitely much different to residential kitchens just as commercial dishwasher repairs for instance differ from reside

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Commercial kitchen set up is definitely much different to residential kitchens just as commercial dishwasher repairs for instance differ from residential repairs. However, the most common difference between residential and commercial is not the ‘type’ of appliances that would be used. Rather the basic difference is in the size of kitchen appliances.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

The commercial kitchen appliances are further sub-categorized into many categories. The most common is however, the small and large sized (if divisions are made according to size). In this article below we talk about the most common large equipment in the commercial kitchen setups. We will also talk about the uses of the commercial kitchen appliances.

Commercial Ovens

One of the most commonly used commercial kitchen appliances that happens to be gigantic in its size and built are the commercial ovens. An oven is a must have necessity of any kitchen. They are built to be at least 3 to 5 times larger in its size than an average home oven. The main reason for its large size is because it is used for multitasking purpose in commercial kitchens. The most common uses of commercial ovens include baking savory dishes like soufflés, baked pastas and pizza and desserts like cakes, muffins and pastries. Commercial ovens can be run on dual power i.e. both electrical and gas.

Commercial Refrigerators

Hands down the largest kitchen appliance you can find in a commercial kitchen is the refrigerators. Some kitchens have such majestic refrigerators that they have a walk-in setup right in the setting. The importance of a high-quality fridge in the commercial kitchen where large quantities of raw, half-prep and full prepared meals are stored is undeniable. The main purpose of using such large sized fridges is to make sure the fold retains its freshness and quality for as long as possible. It also helps to protect the food from bacterial and mold attacks.


If you really wish to see a large sized commercial kitchen appliance – you need to check out the dishwasher. The dishwashers are large in size. They are made to wash and turn out hundreds of dry dishes in one go. This is how commercial kitchens roll. You need fully cleaned dishes at all times ready to be warmed for service. The use of dishwashers in the commercial kitchens is an interesting and important one. That’s also because if they begin to malfunction, you have to contact a commercial dishwasher repairs service immediately.

Ice makers

At home you could have a miniature ice maker that is enough to create a dozen ice cubes in a go. Commercial ice makers are huge machines that produce kilos of ice to cater to commercial needs and requirements.

Commercial Kitchen Appliance Maintenance

Just as the built and size of commercial kitchen appliances are much different to residential appliances – commercial kitchen appliance maintenance requires a different level of effort too. The dishwasher for instance is gigantic in its size. If it breaks down, the commercial dishwasher repairs will be significantly different from residential repairs. The same is true for commercial ice makers repairs Alexandria VA or refrigerators, ovens and cooking ranges.