What type of area rug should you get?

What type of area rug should you get?

Is there an area in your house that you feel like you can light up? Well, an area rug might just do the trick for you. While you are looking for the r

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Is there an area in your house that you feel like you can light up? Well, an area rug might just do the trick for you. While you are looking for the right type of rug, do remember that the material is a big factor to consider. A rug’s material basically determines how it looks, feels, and how long it will last. Furthermore, it also determines how often you will have to clean it. Though, in general, thick antique rugs tend to gather more dust. Hence, they are difficult to clean as compared to other modern options. 

What type of rug is the best for you?

Well, there are a number of factors on which your choice should depend on. This includes the costs and the durability. Luckily, there is a wide range of materials that you can choose from. So when you are buying a rug, you may find something that will suit your needs just right. This includes: 

Polypropylene rugs 

Polypropylene is just as glamorous and dense at wool. However, it comes at a much lower price. These rugs are very easy to clean, highly water resistant, and quite durable in nature. Do note that polypropylene rugs isn’t a common dish rag. These rugs are designed for modern homes.  

In comparison to wool, polypropylene rugs are far more durable and can handle traffic pretty well. These rugs will probably last for years to come. 

Wool rugs 

Wool rugs tend to feel just as warm and familiar as your sweater. These rugs feature a very soft pile which allows you to walk barefoot on it. In cold weather, these rugs do wonders. However, they are not suitable to be placed in an area which has a lot of movement going on. This is because too much movement can actually pull the fibers out. 

On the brighter side, wool rugs do not tend to accumulate dust easily and can easily be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. 

Cotton rugs 

Unlike polypropylene rugs, cotton rugs are not very durable. However, they look great when they are placed in an area which does not have a lot of movement. These rugs are informal and snug, just like a nice cotton t-shirt, but they are super reliable. Furthermore, they are also far less expensive as compared to both wool and propylene. 

Silk rugs 

Without a doubt, silk rugs are the most enchanting and dramatic ones on our list. These household rugs are quite sophisticated and lovely in nature. Furthermore, they also feature a hint of elegant softness and shimmer. This is primarily because silk is a highly decorative and delicate material. These rugs look so nice in the house that you would want to show them off to everyone. 

However, since silk rugs are not very durable, they are suitable for areas that do not have a high amount of traffic. While these rugs are extremely magnficient, they will help you in achieving a very stylish look in the room. 

Though, if you have a traditional setting in your room, you are better off with a persian rug. This is because silk rugs are more geared towards modern rooms. 

Ending note 

Regardless of the type of rug that you are choosing, do note that their care and maintenance is a big deal. Furthermore, you would want to clean them using a vacuum cleaner after every few days. At the same time, do not forget to clean them from the underside. In order to get further advice, visit your nearest rug stores Northern VA for professional advice based on your particular case. This will help you in getting the best value for your money.