When is the best time to repair your chimney?

When is the best time to repair your chimney?

Residential Chimney Repairs Cleaning chimney is one hell of a job , and just the thought about it and you already start feeling fatigued. But it is r

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Residential Chimney Repairs

Cleaning chimney is one hell of a job , and just the thought about it and you already start feeling fatigued. But it is really important to understand when is the right time to pay a visit to the devil before it comes ringing your bells. The burning of firewood leads to a build-up of creosote in chimney liner, even a small amount of Creosote glazing can lead to a chimney fire, which can be extremely hazardous Hence house owner should be well educated about chimney usage and should be extremely careful and proactive when it comes to keeping the chimney clean.

There can be various reasons that can lead to the accumulation of chimney creosote it can be due to either wrong burning habits ,a stove or burning appliance that is not burning well .Even different types of wood can lead to different amount of Creosote when burned, if the wood of Pine tree is used it causes rapid built up of creosote and hence Supply of such wood should be avoided to reduce the build-up which cause decline in the efficiency of the chimney.

Certainly there is no fixed rule when to clean your chimney. But most home owner get their chimney checked annually if they regularly use it. But in case you are really unaware of time-span or find any side-effects like efficiency of chimney has considerably gone down or a lot of creosote gets accumulated, then its a right time for a treatment. Best possible way is to scratch the creosote and if find 1/8 inch thick, the definitely it a time to clean and in case its thicker than that, it is not recommended to use your chimney further unless it is cleaned properly.

Chimney Contractors

Anything and everything related to fire should be used very carefully and hence when it comes to Chimney, furnace or any fire appliance, extreme care and precaution is necessary to avoid any disaster to take place. Hence the Chimney cleaning activity should be done every year along with all the other appliances involved and used in the process because if neglected a small miniscule fault or problem could tomorrow pave path for a major repair which will surely reflect negatively on your savings or even worse it could lead to chimney fire, either cases are not desirable.

It is often advised to enter a contract with a chimney sweep company where every year the company carries out an inspection of the chimney and guides you if it needs sweeping or any kind of repair as in an annual maintenance contract like you opt for different appliances. But sometimes, this is quite expensive and if you are perfect with cleaning then you can probably do this activity by your own. What all you needed is few things like a Chimney brush either made in plastic or wire, an extension pipe, stiff wire brush. A ladder, broom, dustbin, dust mask and goggles to name a few. All these items can be easily available on the market.

Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance

Even if you have bought a new house, winter season is around the corner, upgraded, changed the heating appliance or added an Extra stove you should call for an inspection which will give you a good idea if chimney cleaning clarksville md should be on the To-do list and when should be the ideal time for it.

How often the chimney should be cleaned or repair is definitely can’t be fixed as it entirely depends a lot upon usage of the fireplace, and so the cleaning should vary from annually to half yearly, if your usage is less even then Cleaning should be carried out every year as an inactive chimney can be house for birds , squirrels which make it unsafe to use without cleaning up.

It is really essential to be proactive and keep a check on the Right time to clean your chimney as the creosote is extremely inflammable, it’s a cliché but is definitely true that a stich in time saves nine.