Why Is My Electric Cooktop Sparking

Why Is My Electric Cooktop Sparking

Today’s modern kitchen is packed with advanced appliances including electric cooktops. Even though these items tend to consume a lot of electricity, a

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Today’s modern kitchen is packed with advanced appliances including electric cooktops. Even though these items tend to consume a lot of electricity, a lot of people find them more convenient than regular cooktops. However, some users often complain that their electric cooktops begin sparking all of a sudden. Let’s look into the issue along with the possible cooktops repairs and fixes to help you find a solution.

Loose Connectors

If you have a sparking cooktop, the first thing you need to do to solve the issue is check for loose connectors. A cooktop has coil burners that require electricity to produce heat. So, if they are not connected properly to the appliance itself, they will produce a sparking effect that could be dangerous.

The connectors connect the coil burners with the appliance and can become loose due to several reasons. First, it could be that you are using large or heavy cookware on small burners. This is a common problem as the heavy weight on the burners pushes them down and results in loose connections.

Furthermore, loose connections can also occur naturally over time due to the fluctuations in the temperature of the burners. That said, to prevent the issue, you should inspect your cooktop regularly and make sure it is clean.

Broken Electric Coils

One of the reasons electric cooktops are preferred over gas cooktops is that they provide equal heat. As a result, there is a relatively less chance of your food dishes ending up raw. Plus, if you have a gas shortage in your area, having an electric cooktop is going to be a blessing.

However, the downside to electric cooktops is their reliability. The coils inside electric cooktops are not that reliable, regardless of the brand, and require frequent replacement. So, if the electric coils are damaged, the cooktop can produce sparks.

This could be a potentially dangerous situation every time you try to turn it on to use it. Unfortunately, the coils cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced each time.

Frayed Or Broken Wires

Frayed or broken wires are another reason your cooktop is producing sparks. As you already know, an electric cooktop consists of a network of electric wires that will wear and tear down with time. This could lead to sparks and broken wires.

If that is the case, you should not try to fix the wire or wires on your own as there is a risk of getting electrocuted. At the same time, it could also lead to a short that might damage expensive components. To fix the issue, you should completely replace the damaged wires and only hire an expert for the job.

Defective Cooktop Components

Frayed wires, broken components, and loose burner connections are the most common problems in electric cooktops. But that does not mean the cooktop cannot run into some other problem. There are still a lot of components inside that could malfunction and can lead to sparks.

And as mentioned earlier, every electric cooktop comes with a certain lifespan. With time, the components inside the cooktop will turn weak and will need replacement. So, whatever the issue is, you should always leave it up to a professional to fix the issue.

Should I Repair Or Replace My Electric Cooktop?

Repairing or replacing your cooktop are two different things and depend on the issue you are facing. As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your cooktop if it requires frequent repairs. If there comes a point where the cost of repairs has exceeded the actual value of the cooktop, you should replace it.

Meanwhile, if there are some minor issues such as loose connectors or frayed wires, you should go for repair. Such minor issues are common and can be fixed without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that you should not try fixing even minor issues on your own especially if you don’t have the know-how of electric cooktops.

You can easily end up damaging the entire unit over a minor issue that could put a dent in your wallet.

Final Word

In the end, your electric cooktop producing sparks is a serious issue that requires immediate action. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to find a possible fix. Make sure to maintain your cooktop to prevent expensive repairs and replacements in the future and choose an experienced appliance repair Springfield technician for repairs.