Why To Build A Retaining Wall?

Why To Build A Retaining Wall?

Retaining wall contractors can built a wall to control erosion, straighten out sloped areas, create terraced land, provide structural support to fence

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Retaining wall contractors can built a wall to control erosion, straighten out sloped areas, create terraced land, provide structural support to fences and increase the entire outlook of your yard. The retaining wall can safeguard a desolate property, or contribute distinctive style to an exposed home. Although erecting a retaining wall might cost considerable amount of money, it may expand your living space and add significant value addition to your house. Retaining walls are prepared from wood, brick and plenty of other materials, however, concrete blocks are the long lasting and keystone is the leader in the industry.

Can you construct a retaining wall on your own?

Based on the complexity and size of your property and preferred wall, the retaining wall may be erected either on your own and or by a contractor. However, in case you do not possess the right tools, are planning to erect a higher than 3 feet or having a complicated landscape, then you should hire a contractor in your locality. More complex or heavier walls need reinforced materials and consultation with an engineer should be done. Keystone retaining walls are prepared from low-absorption, non-corrosive concrete and found in segmental slabs. The slabs are held together and interlocked with fiberglass pins, thereby eliminating the requirement of mortar, and ideal for efficient and easy construction. The outcome is a cost-efficient, long lasting and durable wall, which is weather resistant and eco-friendly also.

How much would it cost?

The keystone blocks needed for making keystone retaining walls cost in the range of five dollar to twenty dollar per square foot, based on the texture and style of the block. Cost for installation could be around five dollar to 10 dollar per square foot. There is an array of sizes, shapes, colors and textures to select from, therefore, options for design are endless.

Things you should keep in mind

Irrespective of the style and material you select, the retaining wall should have a good backfill, a strong base and adequate drainage capabilities. The base should be strong, or else the wall can sink or swept away in the event of moisture being found softening the earth below it. Another type of thing known as fencing contractor can be categorized with retaining walls also. Since water is heavy, any area which gets a considerable amount of rainfall, such as Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, for instance, must possess a gravel backfill or similar kinds of material which drains very quickly. The retaining wall would perform as a dam against all flowing water, whether below or above ground.

Other Costs

Once you have completed your beautiful, functional structure, you can also install lighting on the walls for preventing people to stumble in the darkness. In the event you decide to erect the wall yourself, however, wish a professional person to help in the matter then this could be a bit costlier than anticipated earlier. You should also take permission from the planning department of your locality for erecting any kind of fencing or a retaining wall of your choice.

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