Commercial Ice Makers Repairs: Keep Your Machine Safe from Contaminants

Commercial Ice Makers Repairs: Keep Your Machine Safe from Contaminants

If you don’t want to constantly worry about commercial ice makers repairs, it is important to ensure that your machine is well cleaned, maintained, and use all the time. You might not realize it but the ice marker can serve as a breeding ground not only for bacteria but also for other types of contaminants, and usually, these can go directly to the meals and beverages of your customers. The importance of following safe practice methods with the ice maker can never be understated, which is why it is important to take every measure to stop contaminants from invading your ice bin.

There are a lot of ways that what you assume to be safe ice can end up contaminated. These include the following:

Storage Bin

An ice maker has plenty of crannies and nooks, and its storage bin itself could become the host for a large microbial party. Make sure that you remove all ice from this bin on a regular basis and let it dry. Sanitize the exterior and interior. Inspect the machine by shining a bright light inside it to check the upper surfaces, difficult to see spots, and corners. Check if there is any contamination or residual soil. If there is, do the cleaning process again.

Water Source

The ice machine might look clean, yet if the water source supplying it is being filtered through a dirty plumbing, the ice produced will be made up of dirty water. Seek to it that the water filters are cleaned or changed regularly, too.


It includes bins, scoops, and others. Anything being used for transporting the ice might also carry some form of contaminators so you have to sanitize all of these items, and keep them off and up the floor. Stick with a dedicated scoop caddy and don’t just put the scoop back into your ice bin. You should wash, rinse, and sanitize the scoops every 4 hours. Throw away any cracked, broken, or chipped transport devices.


Your employees can also introduce contaminants into your ice makers, so make sure you post guidelines and train all your staff about proper procedures for handling the machine. Proper hand washing is highly advised. Gloves must also be worn before removing any ice from the bins or machine.

Aside from dealing with commercial ice maker repairs arlington, you have to keep the safety and cleanliness of your ice maker.


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