Tribal Rugs – A Decorative Art Form

Tribal Rugs – A Decorative Art Form

According to experts, weaving of tribal rugs can be traced as far back as 3500 years during Bronze Age. Being one variety of decorative art, rugs and the process of making them, represent a culture just like sculpture, and other works of art. A tribal rug is different from the oriental city produced carpets. Such rugs remain hand woven, long lasting, and top quality, but these are a big smaller in size, not to mention that they now feature different designs.

Exciting Rug Discovery and Ancient History

The most ancient rug found these recent years was discovered in a Prince’s funeral site in 1949 in the Pazarik Valley of Siberia’s Altai Mountains. The rug has stayed in permafrost for over 25000 years. This Pazyrk Carpet is now permanently put on exhibit in the Hermitage Museum located in St. Petersburg.

Rug weaving is one of the principal occupations of tribal people. Considering that nomads are moving in pastures in the flat parts of mountains, they don’t weave their rugs in large sizes. Instead, rugs are being woven in simple, easily transportable and attachable looms with patterns passing from one generation to the next mostly by verbal traditional. Styles used by these tribal men and women usually signify health, fertility, wishes to have a child, and icons that protect the nomadic people from evil eyes. There is limited number of colors used which have been extracted from nature.

An Unbeatable Tradition

Different weavers are being trained to weave at a very young age by way of a family member. In addition, the option of the number of wefts or what type of knot to tie is being primarily identified by location and heritage. Even though a lot of former nomadic or pastoral weavers make the oriental rugs are currently living in villages, the rugs they make are more often than not a kind of expression of the designs that have been woven through many generations, with every symbol or design being committed to memory.

A tribal rug is no doubt a fantastic addition to the adorning other parts of your home which are much smaller compared to the traditional conventional kitchen areas, living spaces, and others where area Oriental rugs might be the best option. A tribal rug is perfect to beautify your dining area, den, or a smaller bedroom. With the long history that they have, these rugs are a true must-have for every home.


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