Different types of tents for your wedding party

Different types of tents for your wedding party

So, you have planned to have an outdoor wedding party, but cannot decide what type of tend you would need? Well, there are plenty of options out there

Different tenting options for your wedding
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So, you have planned to have an outdoor wedding party, but cannot decide what type of tend you would need? Well, there are plenty of options out there. And one of these will suit your theme, and all other requirements. If you go to a decent wedding party rentals company, you will easily find a good range of tent options to choose from.

Types of wedding tents

In this article, we put together a number of options for you. So, before setting with any particular type of tent, make sure that you are going through all these options.

Pole tent

Pole tents are very elegant and beautiful. These type of tents are supported with the help of poles, and attached with wires. It is a sophisticated choice for wedding ceremonies that are smaller. However, larger pole tents may also be available for larger weddings.

Moreover, pole tents must be staked in the ground. As a result of this, you cannot choose this option if your wedding venue has a hard ground instead of soft one. Though, this is a downside because it reduces the versatility of these tents.

Frame tents

These are very common party tents that serve a number of different purposes. These are different in the sense that they have a metal frame instead of poles as support. Furthermore, this metal frame is usually free standing. This means that these type of frames will work for all types of surfaces.

Though, note that frame tents may not look as elegant as the first option, they can still add character in your wedding party.

Marquee tent

Next, we have the marquee tents, which are a popular option for many people. These are a cross between the frame and pole tents. For instance, they have a freestanding frame. However, their style is similar to pole tents. This makes marquee tents a very unique and useful option.

Sailcloth tents

The major distinguishing factor for this type of tent is the type of material, rather than the style. Sailcloth is different from vinyl, and typically requires poles made of wood as support.

Since this fabric is very translucent, it results in a very unique glow. Furthermore, the curved lining on the cloth further make it an amazing choice.

Clear tent

Clear tents make the sky above you visible and gives you the impression of dining under the clear sky. These tents are perfect for people who want natural light in the tent and do not want to have a tent in the first place. However, weather conditions on the wedding day might make this option important.

Moroccan and Indian tents

Moroccan and Indian tents look absolutely colorful and very attractive. They are particularly suitable for Indian weddings in which the guests can relate with the style. However, such options are available a range of different designs and colors.

However, people who are not familiar with the Indian culture may feel like this choice is not suitable for them. To some extent, it requires the person to be remotely familiar with these types of designs.


All of the above mentioned tent options are great for your wedding, depending on your decorations and the overall way in which you manage your wedding. So, choose very carefully because a tent can directly affect the overall look and environment of your wedding.

For the best advice, we suggest you always talk with the best wedding tent rentals Northern VA companies to get a better sense of styles. Furthermore, this will also allow you to know what type of options are available for you in the market.