How To Clean A Commercial Steamer

How To Clean A Commercial Steamer

Steamer is a good way to heat up food, especially on a commercial scale. Steaming can heat up the food without adding much additional calories to it.

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Steamer is a good way to heat up food, especially on a commercial scale. Steaming can heat up the food without adding much additional calories to it. This is the main reason why many restaurants are investing in commercial steamers to provide their customers with healthy eating choices. If you run a restaurant, and have a steamer as well, it will need regular cleaning to avoid getting out of order and commercial steamer repair cost. So, here is how you can keep your commercial steamer clean.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

When you’re cleaning the steamer, avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the steamer. That is because anything you use in the cleaning process can get into the food you heat up and sell to your customers.

Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean, you can clean the steamer with a mixture of soap and water. So, there is no need to buy expensive cleaners from the market.

Clean It Regularly

Proper regular cleaning can make the steamer clean and safe for daily commercial use. You can regularly use a clean cloth to rub the inside of the steamer to clean it properly. There won’t be any need for deep cleaning if you develop the habit of cleaning the steamer regularly.

Watch Out For Anything Odd

Since your commercial steamer is your business investment, you should not leave anything to chance. When it comes the time to clean the steamer, use it as an occasion to inspect if everything is fine and in place. Use clean water, and check all the filters and seals to see if they are working fine. Any type of impurity or damage in your steamer can transition to your food, and might make it unsuitable to eat.

Check The Seals Properly

As you’ll probably know, your commercial steamer has some seals that it needs to work properly, that’s why you should check all the seals and see if there are any cracks in them. Cracks in the seals of your steamer can ruin your whole steamer. If you don’t pay close attention to these cracks, your restaurant steamer can get out of order at any time, and bring an emergency for you.

Make Sure There’s No Lime

Lime can accumulate in your commercial steamer because there is always water being used in the process of heating up the food. Lime actually develops when water leaves behind its residue, or as a result of the filtration process.

If you have the lime problem in your steamer, you can buy a special cleaner for that since there are many available in the market. You can also check the manual that came with your steamer for the best results.

Use The Attached Technology

If you have one of the new steamers on the market, it might have an ultrasonic technology to clean the scale buildup inside the steamer. This technology is used to make countless microscopic bubbles inside the steamer. These bubbles explode at the rate of millions per second to avoid the scales from developing. This will help you keep the steamer clean for a longer period of time.

Why Regular Cleaning Matters A Lot?

If you don’t keep every commercial kitchen appliance clean in the long run, this can affect the quality of food provided to your customers. If the contaminants keep developing inside the steamer, it won’t only affect the food, but would also become a health hazard for the people who buy their food from you.

A poorly managed commercial steamer will only increase the total cooking time of your food.

That is the main reason why having a cleaned commercial steamer will help you use it whenever you need it. You also have your investment protected by doing this. Cleaning it properly is the key to keep making and providing healthy food to your customers that is free of any contaminants.

However, if you just realized that you haven’t cleaned your commercial steamer for a long time and can’t clean it properly or if there’s an issue with your steamer, you can hire a commercial appliances repair Alexandria service for best results. Make sure to strike a long term deal with a service for quick maintenance and repairs.