Here’s How To Renovate An Old Pool

Here’s How To Renovate An Old Pool

The number of swimming pools has been increasing rapidly throughout the globe. When people get a pool made in their property, they tend to spend gener

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The number of swimming pools has been increasing rapidly throughout the globe. When people get a pool made in their property, they tend to spend generously in order to get a perfect pool built that’ll increase the value of their property. For that, they select top-rated pool contractors and quality materials.

But over time, even the best built pools start developing errors. So, you might need to renovate your pool to make it look great again.

Run A Thorough Survey

To detect any type of problem in your swimming pool, you’ll have to run a thorough survey to assess the amount of work that the different parts of your pool will be needing. Start from the pool shell structure to see if anything has developed an error that needs to be treated. Shell condition will determine which type of treatment method you’ll have to use, can the shell be fixed? Or you’ll have to start from scratch.

To be effective in the method, you can hire a masonry expert. They can help you assess the current condition of your pool, and will tell you about the method you’ll have to use to repair it.

Now, let’s see what steps you’ll have to follow when getting the survey done.

Optimizing the Performance

In the process of renovating the pool, you’ll have quite a few opportunities to improve its performance and efficiency. The older pools used to have inefficient apparatus to filter the water, so they used to cost quite a lot of money to maintain. You can improve the water flow and pool’s efficiency by using a better setup.

Since the pool is empty, and you’re assessing everything, it can be the best time to see how the pool works. After this, you’ll be in a better position to swap out the older and inefficient equipment with the new and more efficient one.

New equipment can save you lots of money in swimming pool maintenance over the years. However, the cost of equipment should depend on the amount of time you are willing to spend in your property.

Remember to hire a swimming pool inspection expert, as they will help you assess the investment limits.

Water Treatment and Filtration

For water treatment, most pool owners use chlorine to kill any microorganisms, and use a sand filter to completely rid the water of any bacteria and small organisms and get the water treated perfectly.

While hygiene of the pool water can be retained with the help of chlorine, there are certainly some downsides too. The biggest drawback is that chlorine can dry your skin out pretty quickly, and it has a smell that most people dislike. So, with chlorine, you’ll have to keep an eye on the chemical level inside the pool.

There are certainly many upgrades that you can male in your pool to increase its filtration efficiency, and this can help you decrease, or even completely cut off the need of using chlorine. So, consider these upgrades if you don’t want to spend a lot of time checking the chlorine level in your pool.

Aesthetics Matter A Lot Too

After making all the must needed upgrades, you can face towards the aesthetics and can decide on the final look of your pool.

When it comes to pool finishes, there are lots of different options that you can explore.


hiring a skilled tile, and getting the right type of tiles in the pool can make it look gorgeous and very high-end. You can use polished concrete and slate, and a bit of creativity to make different effects.

Stainless Steel

If you have an old concrete pool with a sturdy foundation, you can cut the renovation costs by making a stainless-steel pool inside it. You can achieve a simple, yet effective and modern look by adopting this method. You should consult an expert before choosing this option, because stainless steel can only be used in certain scenarios.


Liners aren’t only limited to the plastic models, but there are many different options that you can explore. So, there are certainly many ways that you can explore to get a modern looking pool built.

These were some things that are absolutely necessary to consider when you’re renovating your pool. Also, ask your swimming pool builder Long Island about best practices for pool renovation.