How Much Residential And Commercial Window Tint Cost?

How Much Residential And Commercial Window Tint Cost?

Whether you opt for commercial window tinting or residential, a number of factors affect the cost of window tinting. It is very obvious that home win

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Whether you opt for commercial window tinting or residential, a number of factors affect the cost of window tinting. It is very obvious that home window tinting will be cheaper as compared to getting windows tinted commercially. But, if the cost is broken down the residential window tinting will cost more as it is just one hose while the commercial buildings are done in bulk basis. The basic cost of getting your house windows tinted will be between $5-$10 (per sq. ft), while that done on a commercial basis will vary between $6 and $15 or even more (per sq. ft). The cost is for the basic solar paneled window tinting, but if you go for specialized window tinting then the cost will increase.

Why Go for Window Tinting?

There are many benefits of window tinting which are listed below.

  • Window tinting reduces the sunlight coming inside the house and makes them cooler in extreme summers. It also protects from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Electricity costs are reduced as the house maintains a temperature and the air conditioner does not need to work harder in summers and nor does the heater in winters.
  • For privacy issues, government officials and other high-profile people tint windows to protect their privacy.
  • For decoration purposes, getting windows tinted just because it looks good.

Factors Affecting Cost of Window Tinting

Weather Conditions

Generally, areas with long summers have a high demand of getting windows tinted due to the ultraviolet radiation, so the prices are lower due to competition, while countries, where there are more winters, have a lesser demand, so the cost is high. If you want to get windows tinted whether of your home or for commercial reasons, then the best time to get them will be in winter season as the price will be lower.


Mostly, it is seen that bulk work costs less as compared to customized work. In commercial window tinting, the people have to do same sized windows, so the tinted paper can be bought in bulk and cut in the same size which saves time and cost. While in home window tinting, there are fewer windows, plus the windows are not of the same size and shape which increases cost.


In residential window tinting, the labor has to move big furniture and curtains, which generally increases cost, while in residential buildings or offices, windows are tinted prior to selling, hence fewer costs.


In commercial window tinting, the buildings are at high altitude which causes the cost to increase around .50 cents per each meter increase, while this is not the case for homes as they are n ground level and a maximum of two storey.


There are many brands of window tints available in the market and the price is different for each according to their own material and quality. The bigger the brand the more the cost, in that case, go for quality and long lasting factors rather than price. Also there are many companies getting providing home tinting, so due to competition, the cost is also lowered. Take an estimated cost of around 3 to 4 companies and then make a decision.


There are many types of window tinting available and cost of each varies.

  • Solar paneled
  • Decorative tinting
  • French pane tinting
  • Security Tinting
    Whatever the cost, for necessary reasons, you will have to go for commercial and residential window tinting. However, you have more flexible options for home window tinting, if you are willing to spend.