Useful Patio Maintenance Tips

Useful Patio Maintenance Tips

Every year, you need to call in a patio contractor, for cleaning and maintaining the patio. A patio is the most important part of the house as well as

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Every year, you need to call in a patio contractor, for cleaning and maintaining the patio. A patio is the most important part of the house as well as the most neglected one. If the patio is not cleaned regularly, it will look dirty and unappealing. Mostly, the patio is cleaned in the springtime as the winter and autumn had left the patio in a hideous condition. Whether your patio is made up of wood, concrete, stones, slabs or shingles, cleaning is really important or your negligence can destroy your patio. If you are not able to clean it yourself then you can hire a good paver patio contractor.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Patio

Maintaining a patio is not an easy job but requires a lot of hard work to bring it in top shape and condition. The process is a lengthy one. The basic cleaning and scrubbing can be easily done at home, but difficult stages, such as weeding, filling, sanding and scraping should be done by an expert patio contractor for a perfectly beautiful patio. Listed below are some tips for patio maintenance.

Regular Brushing: For general maintenance. You need to regularly clean your patio with brush and soapy water to get rid of the dirt and debris. Scrubbing the patio with soapy water will also help in cleaning the patio. This will also clean al the sprouting plant’s algae formed between joints.


Use cleaners and floor cleaners and they can help keep the patio in a top notch condition. Make sure to use acid-free cleaners as the acid can react with the stone and concrete and damage the pavements of the patio.

Power Washing

Invest in a power washer as it is a very handy tool for cleaning. A power washer clears the patio with pressured water. Make sure to not use the power washer in one place for a longer period as it can clear the sand filler areas from the joints of the patio as well as the mortars. Also, you can call an expert paver patio contractor for deep cleaning purposes.

Weed Killers

Power washing and hard scrubbing can strip the patio of its natural shine and look and can encourage the growth of algae, weeds, and ferns. Use a good weed killer or strip off the weeds from the joints.


After removing the weeds, sometimes the sanding between the joints also come off. You can do also perform sanding yourself and pour sand with water in between the joints for a smooth and perfect finish.

Finishing Touches

Clear out all the pins and screws if they get loosened on the patio for a clean finish. If there are huge cracks on your patio, then fill it with cement patch and smoothen it. You can even paint the fence or the walls for a beautiful finish.


Once your patio is cleaned, then let it dry completely for a day or two before applying the final coat of shine as this will seal everything and give a more maintained look. You can call in patio contractor long island for the weeding and shine part.

If your patio is finally cleaned and free from debris, then you can host a bar be que party to show off your maintained patio and if not then call in a paver patio contractor as soon as possible.