The latest kitchen design trends for 2020

The latest kitchen design trends for 2020

Whenever we decide to buy countertops, we think about their functionality. However, we often do not pay attention to the fact that kitchen countertops

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Whenever we decide to buy countertops, we think about their functionality. However, we often do not pay attention to the fact that kitchen countertops are mainly bearing the weight of the entire kitchen’s feel and tone. As time passes and new trends kick in, kitchen countertops also keep evolving according to their functions and styles. Whether it is a new material such as silestone countertops, a certain color or the overall style of the countertop, different designs gain popularity as different trends set in.

Latest Kitchen Countertop trends 2020

To keep you updated and aware of what to expect, we gathered all the different kitchen countertop trends for 2020. Here is what you can expect.


Quartz has been in style for a lot of time, especially since it came as a substitute for granite. Many homeowners preferred granite due to its various benefits such as its strength, durability and aesthetics. However, granite is a porous material and can not only get stained by liquids but also provide space for bacterial growth. Quartz solved all those problems. It offered the same benefits as granite while also being non-porous. This is why it became popular instantly.

The good thing is that quartz is still in trend and will remain so for a long time. It comes in various colors and patterns, and you can choose any to fit in with your kitchen’s theme. However, matte finishes are highly in trend for 2020.

Neutral tones

With evolving styles and trends, neutral tones and softer shades are become more and more popular. More homeowners are now opting for softer shades such as off-white, light gray or beige for the overall tone of their kitchen. This includes their countertops. This may have some connection to the fact that small spaces are gaining more popularity too along with large windows. The large windows are installed to make the smaller spaces look more expanded.

Softer and neutral tones do the same job. They make the space look bigger and airy, as compared to darker tones that make the space look more congested. With smaller spaces, neutral tones were bound to become popular. Homeowners are going for neutral color theme including grays, whites, beige, or lighter shades of brown and blue. These tones make the room look expanded, airy and more lit up. The black, dark blues and other darker shades are all left behind to opt for such lighter shades. In 2020, neutral tones will be taking the lead for most homeowners.

Sink styles

With changing countertop trends, the sink styles are also evolving. This year has brought more exciting sink styles with it that are marking their place in the 2020 trends. This year’s sinks are completely opposite of what you saw last year. In 2020, matte finishes are more in demand. Colors like matte black, brass and gold are becoming increasingly popular in sinks. Elegant and sleek sink designs along with oversized sinks are both in trend for this year.

Matte shades of your typical silver metal are amongst the popularly demanded matte black, brass and gold. The same colors are also a highly popular choice amongst faucets. The colors choices along with the oversized sinks stand out over the neutrally colored countertops.


Kitchen countertops have always contributed a lot towards setting the theme and the vibes of the kitchen space. They have changed their styles, colors and designs throughout the start. Homeowners have always done their best to make their kitchen look good. Traditional trends have run out and many homeowners are now opting for modern and sleeker looks. Hence, they often reach out to countertop replacement companies NC to receive quotes.