7 Things You Don’t Know About Quartz Countertops

7 Things You Don’t Know About Quartz Countertops

There is no doubt that mother nature has bestowed such mesmerizing pieces of art on the face of this planet and quartz is nothing less. Many people ma

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There is no doubt that mother nature has bestowed such mesmerizing pieces of art on the face of this planet and quartz is nothing less. Many people may have the opinion that quartz is somewhat different than natural stone or is an engineered stone made of resins and other materials, well in this blog, we will be debunking some popular myths about quartz kitchen tops and imparting knowledge about the fabulous stone at the same time. Let’s start!

Quartz Countertops Aren’t Solid Quartz

Now I won’t say that there isn’t any kind of quartz present in those countertops, but hear me out! About 10 percent of the quartz countertop isn’t a stone at all, it’s rather a polymer or a cement binder that’s added to increase the holding power of the stone. The other 90% you ask? Well it’s all a mixture of crushed stone, marble, recyclable granite and industrial waste, and if you’re lucky, a few specks of actual quartz or maybe even more. That depends on your luck to be honest! All of these materials combined in a fixed ratio actually impart the look and feel of quartz that most customers go after.

All Quartz Countertops Come From One Source

In 1963, the famous Breton company, an Italian venture, was launched that acquired the license of becoming the world’s first manufacturer of engineered stone. In fact, Breton is still very much in business today and is thriving. Today it holds partnerships with much bigger collaborations and companies including Silestone and Cambria. Though these companies are doing their fair share of creating styling diversity and incorporating new designs, they still thrive off hugely from the original Breton. So if you are ever wondering about where your rock is sourced from, now you know!

Quartz Countertops Are Green

It is an absolute delight to know that by investing in quartz, you are not only doing something better for the environment but also reducing your carbon footprint. Quartz countertops are largely made from recyclable materials or waste by products and not a single stone is quarried solely for quartz countertops. The materials, even the resins are recyclable, as Breton puts it, the biolenic resins that are sourced from non-edible vegetable oils.  It is astounding to know that most quartz kitchen countertops have evolved to become more natural and less synthetic which is a bonus for the environment.

You Often Walk On Quartz

Homeowners think that most quartz is resourced for use in bathrooms and kitchens as cabinets and countertops, while in reality, most quartz that is naturally sourced across the globe finds its biggest use in the commercial industry. It is heavily resourced and used widely in constructing shopping malls, buildings, airports and even the ramp floor for fashion walks. Now that’s something out of the box.

Quartz No Longer Competes With Granite

For years, quartz has slowly managed to keep its identity as a natural stone but it no longer does so. Known previously as a less synthetic, less porous and more durable fabricated version of slab granite, today it has a market of its own. Just check the ultra-modern category of any popular contractor featuring apple and crocodile categories of quartz in their range.

More Quartz Means Less Prices Of Granite

According to home blog surveys, the demand of quartz has steadily increased all over the world. While most homeowners preferred granite countertops in the past, the trend has declined slowly, with more leaning towards the wide array and patterns of quartz. The increased demand of quartz means that prices for quartz countertops have increased in recent years, with granite prices coming down to suit lower budgets as well. Lower prices of the granite countertops has increased their availability while quartz seems to be found in selective outlets only.

Quartz Is Highly Forgiving For The Household

Known as the best non porous and sustainable countertop found on the market today, quartz is indeed very family friendly, easily maintained, less porous so is easier to clean without any worrying about the bacterial accumulation, so we definitely recommend investing in this beautiful stone for your safe haven.

Here we have it, some surprising facts and myths about quartz countertops that need to be clarified for new buyers. You can talk to a quartz countertop installer Rockville with confidence.