12 Things You Did Not Know About Marble Countertops

12 Things You Did Not Know About Marble Countertops

When it comes to countertops, sophisticated marble countertops remain the top choice for many people. The marble kitchen countertops are so popular in

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When it comes to countertops, sophisticated marble countertops remain the top choice for many people. The marble kitchen countertops are so popular in this regard, because they are remarkably classic. Just talk to quartz installer of your area and give gorgeous touch to your kitchen.

Things to know about marble countertops

Here we have listed the things you did not know about marble countertops.

Types of Marble Finishes

You can get two main types of marble finishes; Honed finish and polished finish. Honed finish has a soft and matte finish. It won’t show scratches and is more prone to staining because it is porous. Therefore, sealing is the solution. Polished finish won’t stain easily but it can scratch. Polished countertops are glossy and bright but they wore out with time.

Colors of Marble

The colors of marble can be different because of a wide variety of minerals that are existent in the stone. For instance, red marble obtains its rosy color from hematite while calcite marble will be white. Limonite gives yellowish or green color to marble. For a wide range in color tend to quartz countertops and ask a quartz installer near you to give a final addition to your kitchen.

Marble Cleaning Is Easy

Marble cleaning is easy if you are simply cleaning the whole countertop or removing the stains. Warm water and dish soap work well. For stains, make a paste of baking soda and water and leave this paste overnight. You will get the stains out.

Needs Sealing

Marble needs sealing because unpolished marble is porous. If you want to limit stains, it is important to seal it. However, if you want to avoid sealing, you can tend to elegant quartz kitchen countertops.

Marble Is Affordable

Carrara marble countertop is one of the cheapest because of its grey color and its porous quality. It requires maintenance due to which it is slow seller and low in price. You can also think about quartz countertops, as they are also affordable. Just contact quartz installer of your area and give a sparkle to your place.

Be Careful from Acidic Food

Marble is a sensitive stone so be careful with acidic food and drink. Foods such as soda, fruit juices coffee and tomato sauce are very acidic and can dull the surface of marble countertops. They can also leave stains on them. If anything spills on the marble, clean it instantly to avoid damage.

Use Sponge for Cleaning

Use a sponge or a soft cloth to clean marble countertop. You can use hot water and special formula stone cleaners for the cleaning of marble. You can also use a mild soap but its consistent use may develop a dull film over the countertop.

Use Protective Barriers

Use a protective barrier under each item such as cans, glasses and bottles. People usually use coasters to prevent any of the beverage on the countertop. Using coasters with a wood surface helps in decreasing the amount of polishing, cleaning and restoration of the marble countertops.

Avoid Vinegar for Cleaning

For cleaning the marble countertops, you should not use vinegar or citrus such as lemon. Soft cloth with hot water is enough for daily cleaning. You should use special stone cleaner weekly.

Don’t Sit on Marble Countertops

Marble countertops do not have elasticity like laminate countertops. They do not have plywood backing. So, don’t sit or stand on marble countertops because too much weigh on one spot can crack the marble.

Evade Toiletry Products

You should evade placing toiletry products like perfumes, nail polish, toothpaste, lotions, creams and colognes on marble countertops. They can scratch and etch the surface. You can use a decorative tray to keep the items if you want to display them.

Stop Buying Cleaner from Local Store

Do not buy any kind of cleaning products from your local store. The cleaning products at local stores may contain chemicals like acid that can damage the surface. It can also cause stains on the surface of marble countertops. Many common cleaning products cause harm to the marble. Nonetheless, quartz kitchen countertops NC are scratch resistant and cheap to afford.