How Video Pipe Inspection Works

How Video Pipe Inspection Works

Whenever you encounter any drainage problem in your house, you call over drain cleaning companies for help. Experts from these companies have numerous

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Whenever you encounter any drainage problem in your house, you call over drain cleaning companies for help. Experts from these companies have numerous different methods of cleaning one of which is through a drain camera.

What Actually Is Video Pipe Inspection?

Before the invention of video pipe inspection technique, the whole area around the pipes used to be dug up to reach the target pipe which was a time consuming and laborious process. But, now with this technique, it has become very convenient to reach the target area in the pipe and determine the cause of the blockage. You need to hire a drain cleaning service for that. For your knowledge, the working of drain pipe inspection with camera includes the following steps;

Entry into the Pipes

The entry into the pipes needed to be inspected is made through a cleanout port of the pipe. If the pipes in your property don’t have any built-in entry ports then the pros will first make an insertion point and the start the process. The camera is then inserted into the pipe for its inspection and to determine the cause and location of the blockage and it also helps in checking the condition of the pipes from inside.

Examining the Pipes

There is a monitor which shows the video of the interior of the pipe. The experts pay a close look at the video and observe even the tiniest detail to catch anything useful. Their main focus is on the cause of obstruction for example; grease, dirt, roots or hair etc. Furthermore, the video being made the entire time is recorder in case that pros would want to pay a look once again to see whether they have missed anything or not and to determine the internal condition in a better way.

Evaluation of the Results

After the examination of the pipes and the close review of the footage, the technicians finally evaluate the results. The results tell the cause of drain issues, these causes could be;

  • Commercial cleanouts
  • Offset joints
  • Infiltration and collapsed sewer lines
  • Warped pipe
  • Root intrusion
  • Blockages and obstructions
  • Drain lines
  • Corrosion
  • Pipe slippages

Till here was the working of camera inspection from drain cleaning companies. After the evaluation of results, the team then come up with the cleaning or repair process (whatever is required).

Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

There are quite a lot of advantages of having video pipe inspection done. It is referred to as the best method to locate and determine the cause of sewer problem. Below are mentioned the incredible benefits of video inspection;

  1. Emergency problems are solved in lesser time
  2. It is inexpensive than any other type of exploring the method
  3. Leakages are avoided even before they evolve into a bigger one
  4. Less labor intensive
  5. Less time consuming
  6. Tells the exact location of the problem
  7. It also helps to find some lost items such as toys and jewelry
  8. Some issues are removed completely

When Do You Need Video Pipe Inspection?

When Drain Issues Start To Show Up Frequently

When you encounter sewer issues repeatedly, understand that it is about time you need to call over experts for video pipe inspection. Instead of wasting your time and money on getting the pipes unclogged every time you face an issues, consult the pros for help. They would inspect the pipe completely for any obstruction and internal condition and fix the issue permanently.

When It Is Difficult To Locate the Blockage

When local methods don’t help in locating the obstruction, it is recommended to seek expert help in this matter to accurately locate the blockage. Sometimes, the blockage is caused below the concrete structures which can only be reached by either digging the ground or through inserting the video camera in the pipes. This is an amazing technology that reduces labor work and makes it much easier and faster to know the cause and location of the obstruction.

Before You Buy a Home

It would be great if you have the pipelines of the house you are planning to buy checked before the purchase. This would satisfy you about the internal condition of the pipes. Also, if there would be any sign of blockage or warped pipes you would get them repaired. Moreover, there can also be some issues that would require expensive repair and drain pipe inspection with camera so, you can refrain yourself from such headaches.