8 Wedding Planning Secrets That Only Pros Know

8 Wedding Planning Secrets That Only Pros Know

Most of the people plan their wedding with all the nits and grits considered like wedding tent rentals and hiring a professional to plan their wedding

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Most of the people plan their wedding with all the nits and grits considered like wedding tent rentals and hiring a professional to plan their wedding. Here are some wedding planning secrets from pros to enlighten you.

  1. Watermark Your Name

If you want to get creative, you can have a watermark you and your partner’s initials or whole name on everything. From invitation cards to napkins to bar signs. You can design a logo from a local designer and have a stamp made out of it and then branding everything with it. This is a great way of making your guests remember your wedding in a unique way possible. This phenomenon is done at many weddings and is quite popular so why not give it a try.

  1. Estimate on the Guests

Provide yourself with an estimate of guests that you have invited to attend your wedding. When you have an estimate, you can then have wedding planning and wedding tent rental packages for that number of people to have arranged not to mention the chairs and tables and also the dance floor. Have enough space to accommodate each of your guests comfortably.

  1. Extra Costs

Budgeting is the most initial level of planning a wedding. Even if you have managed to consider the tiniest budget there may still be something that may get left out. The taxes of catering, bars, the extra cost of last moment changes is one thing that pros are very keen about. You must have an emergency cost planning if things go south. Budgeting wrong can have a poor aftereffect of the wedding as there is a possibility of finding yourself in debts and loans.

  1. Avoiding Wardrobe Malfunctions

There are things that have a lasting effect on people memories either good or bad; wardrobe malfunctions are one of them. Plan your dress either bride or groom to be the perfect one. Wear it so that you can have an idea of where it’s lacking. A wedding rehearsal is a good idea to test out the dresses and if there is a malfunction. Make sure that the gown doesn’t slip under your heels so that you may trip or the tuxedo isn’t too tight or loose.

  1. Recheck the Dates and the Weather Forecasts

Nothing is worse than bad weather on your wedding day ruining the party and all the money you put on wedding tent rentals. You need to make sure that there is no commotion on that day either with the weather or any public holidays which can cause slow traffic and makes the guests arrive in late. Recheck the dates and match if there is a local event that may ruin the fun and make sure to double check the forecasts on your wedding day.

  1. Provide Guests with a Parking Space

Parking space is a real issue when it comes to big events. All the money you spend on wedding tent rental packages wouldn’t be worth it if the guests are having trouble finding parking or have a parking ticket afterwards. Make parking easily accessible and enough for all the guests’ cars to accommodate into whatever the venue you choose.

  1. Planning the Food

Food planning is a very important step for a wedding. Food is one thing that the guests enjoy wholeheartedly other than the dance. Make sure to have enough food to feed all your guests and be aware of the additional costs it may incur like taxes and other stuff. Talk to your wedding catering provider to list all of the additional costs that are hidden. You should also plan a meal for the crew at your wedding. Though they aren’t required to eat the same food as your guests, you can have their meal planned that is less expensive but equally delicious to serve. Some wedding crew aren’t required to be fed at all as the wedding venue services feed them for the night themselves.

  1. Other Planning

Have a girl, probably your sister or a cousin, to have all the other “in case” necessities like deodorant, hairpins, needle, threads, etc. or have your guests be given a welcome drink in a shape of tea, lemonade or even champagne.

You may need to start planning about the wedding tent rental packages NY and other costs and make a budget for these preparations.