6 Myths And Misconceptions About Car Paint Protection Films

6 Myths And Misconceptions About Car Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection Films are being used for their benefits from a long time. And since the technology behind these films is still evolving and improving

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Paint Protection Films are being used for their benefits from a long time. And since the technology behind these films is still evolving and improving by the day, there is a lot of misleading information out there about these car bodywork protection films.

So, here are some of the craziest and incorrect myths about the Paint Protection Films (PPFs).

These Films Crack on Exposure to The Sun

This myth was somewhat applicable to the older types of films that were made from inefficient materials like PVC. However, paint protection films made and used these days have improved a lot in their quality and longevity. So, you shouldn’t worry about discoloration and cracking due to sun exposure anymore. But still most of the benefits of these films are only attainable if you invest in the right type, so, always do your research before getting the PPF installed.

They Are Difficult to Install

Installation of protective films like PPFs is just like any other vehicle modification procedure. The success rate and the difficulty one faces in the installation process mostly depends on the skillset and patience of the film installer. If you’re trying to install this film by yourself for the first time, you might consider it difficult, while an experienced professional wouldn’t face any difficulty in installing the film perfectly.

The Film Might Damage the Paint of Your Car

Another big misconception that people seem to have with the PPFs is that they expect the film to damage the main paint coating of their car. This isn’t true at all. High quality PPFs stick to your car’s paint tightly and almost become a part of it, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the film would damage the paint of your car.

Problems arise when people try to peel off the film on their car just like they’d peel off a sticker from a wall. It is true that the paint might come off if you don’t use the prescribed procedure to peel off the PPF film from your car’s paint. So, if you plan on getting rid of the old PPF film on your car, you should hire an expert to do that for you in a professional way.

Paint Protection Films Are All the Same

You can get many types of low-quality films for a cheaper price in the market, but they’ll not provide you with the expected benefits of a good quality protective film. So, we can’t say that all types of protective films are the same.

Paint protection films are premium films that remain invisible all the time, but they can save your car’s paint from a lot of harmful things. That is why you should always invest in a good type of protective film that’ll save the shiny paint of your car against any damage in the long run. So, get in touch with an expert and get a proper type of PPF film installed on your car to keep it safe.

The Paint Needs Protection from The UV Rays

One of the most common types of information people have about the PPF films is that they can save their car’s paint from UV ray induced damage, but no one actually knows how it really works.

If the paint coat on your car remains perfectly intact, it remains strong enough to save itself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But the real problem happens when that layer of paint gets scratched. A scratched layer of paint can make the whole paint of your car more vulnerable to the UV rays damage. The PPF film that we coat our cars with protects the pain layer of your car from getting scratched. This way, it saves the paint from sun damage.

You Can’t Apply Wax on Top of PPF

Like all the other myths mentioned above, this one is also wrong. One of the dumbest things that a person can do is considering the PPF film a type of wrap. Remember that the protective films are completely different from the wraps that are applied to change the texture of your car. You can wax your car even if you have PPF layer on, this will just add an extra layer of protection.

Lastly, do some research and select a good clear car protection film installer Springfield to get quality PPF installed on your car’s body.