7 Reasons To Do Tree Removal During Winter

7 Reasons To Do Tree Removal During Winter

Winter is a month of cold and snow. Generally, you tend to forget about your trees and other plantations in the winter months probably because you are

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Winter is a month of cold and snow. Generally, you tend to forget about your trees and other plantations in the winter months probably because you are also sitting inside the warmth of your home or because you know that the tree is dormant and is not in a growing stage. But do you know that the best time for tree removal and other arborist services such as trimming and pruning is winter?

Why? There are any reasons for that.

Dormancy Becomes A Blessing

In the winters the trees become dormant which means that their leaves fall off and the trees are in their rest period till the spring season when they begin to bloom and grow well. In the case of dormancy, it is easier for the arborist to assess and check the trees for any signs of illness, damage or lean as there are no leaves to interfere. It is easy to check the whole structure of the trees.

Less Mess And Less Cleanup

Winters are the best time for tree removal and also pruning of the trees because there are no leaves to collect, clear and clean afterwards. In the spring season when the arborist will cut the tree then they will also have to clear up the mess created by the leaves which will fall off, so less hassle afterwards.


Believe it or not but tree removal and also all the other services of the tree get very affordable in winters. People do not usually go for tree removal in winters because of the cold so most arborists are sitting idle and when they get a job they will drop their rates in order to compete with other tree cutting contractors so they get the job. You might be able to save around 20 to 25% of the cost that you would pay for tree removal in other seasons.

The Look Of The Trees In The Spring

Believe it or not but tree removal or tree services in the winter months will improve the look and appearance of your trees in the spring season. The tree will recover fast and quickly grow and bloom, all ready for the spring season. The best option is to get it removed in the late winter and then you will not have to wait for a new beautiful tree growing quickly in the spring season.

No Damage To The Ground

If you live in areas with extreme cold and snow the ground will also get hardened by the snow. This will protect the area of your tree and also protect the landscape surrounding the tree. Tree removals involve the use of huge machinery and heavy equipment which will help to cut down the tree and then pick it up and haul it away. The tree will fall heavily on the ground. In other seasons, it may damage the landscape and the ground around the tree but in winters the snow will protect the landscape from getting damaged.

It Is Safer In Winters

The winters come along with snow, winds, and sometimes heavy snowfall and thunderstorms. All these weather conditions can damage the branches and the bark of the trees thus making them weak. The tree might fall on its own or the branches may fall in the spring season which is the growth period. So it is better to remove your tree in the winters thus the weak and damaged branches are also removed and there is no danger of a tree toppling over or falling.

Less Chances Of Diseases Spreading In Winters

Along with the trees being dormant in the winter season, the pests, insects, all sorts of diseases and fungal growth also goes dormant in the winters. This means the trees can be removed and pruned without the danger of them getting infested with pests or diseases.

If you want to get your tree removed then winters is the best time for tree removal as it will save your landscape, tree and costs. However, it is not wise to wait for winters if your tree is almost in a falling stage. In that case, you may need emergency tree service Maryland. Whenever you hire a service, do full research before selecting one.