Tribal Rugs – A Decorative Art Form

Tribal Rugs – A Decorative Art Form According to experts, weaving of tribal rugs can be traced as far back as 3500 years during Bronze Age. Being one variety of decorative art, rugs and the process of making them, represent a culture just like sculpture, and other works of art. A tribal rug is different from the oriental city produced carpets. Such rugs remain hand woven, long lasting, and top quality, but these are a big smaller in size, not to mention that they now feature different designs. Exciting Rug Discovery and Ancient History The most ancient rug found these recent years was discovered in a Prince’s funeral site in 1949 in the Pazarik Valley of Siberia’s Altai Mountains. The rug has stayed in permafrost for over 25000 years. This Pazyrk Carpet is now permanently put on exhibit in the Hermitage Museum located in St. Petersburg. Rug weaving is one of the principal occupations of tribal people. Considering that nomads are moving in pastures in the flat parts of mountains, they don’t weave their rugs in large sizes. Instead, rugs are being woven in simple, easily transportable and attachable looms with patterns passing from one generation to the next mostly by verbal traditional. Styles used by these tribal men and women usually signify health, fertility, wishes to have a child, and icons that protect the nomadic people from evil eyes. There is limited number of colors used (more…)

The exact color to paint your office to become the most productive

The exact color to paint your office to become the most productive Colors can improve the productivity level of your office. It is possible to create the right aura at your workplace by choosing the right paint colors. You should hire a professional painter for this task. A professional can recommend you the best color combinations to lighten up your office. The effect of paint is not only limited to walls, it has direct impact on the minds of people who work at your premises. Your staff will be more productive, if they feel good about working at your place. You can create an employee friendly aura by selecting the right colors. How To Choose Office Paint Colors When you want to increase the productivity, it is wise to ensure that employees are surrounded by positive vibes. Colors can extract multiple emotions, affecting the output of your employees. Check out the below mentioned common paint options for workplace and see how they may help you in creating a cheerful and healthy work environment: Blue Blue is considered as the most productive color. This is the reason why a lot of commercial buildings are painted with blue color. You can find the paint color in various shades of blues. Since you are painting your office, do not opt to bright blue. Choose navy blue or any decent shade of blue to get the professional appearance. You can even use blue paint in combination (more…)

Five days diet for weight loss

Five days diet for weight loss In this article I am going to discuss about a new fat loss diet which is very popular among obese persons.  This is a rapid weight loss diet aimed at fast and safe weight reduction. This plan was invented by a person who is considered as one of the top 50 personal trainers of America. Now let us see how the plan works? The plan consists of a five day cycle which has to be repeated five times. So this is a 25 day rapid weight loss diet plan. You have different diets for each day of the first cycle. First day – Leptin day As per this diet for weight loss the first day is considered as the cheat day where you can eat anything that you crave for. This helps the candidate to satisfy the needs of the satiety hormone leptin. According to some scientist eating your favorite food will increase the formation of leptin thereby increasing the metabolism and rate of conversion of the stored fat. The inventor of this special diet plan also suggests the candidate to do density style exercise that is good for building toned muscles. Second day – Shake day On the second day knowledge is provided about a lot of useful shakes and the candidate is advised to consume certain kinds of shakes.  Some intensive exercises have been detailed for this day. (more…)

Quick Tips to Hire the Best Drain Cleaning Service

Quick Tips to Hire the Best Drain Cleaning Service If you are a homeowner, chances are you are looking for the best drain cleaning service to handle your dirty drains. After all, who wouldn’t be concerned with dirty drains? It is ideal for your drains to stay clean on a regular basis for you to retain the highest level of hygiene. The truth is that this can also help you a lot in ensuring that your family will not fall prey to different kinds of health issues which could result from unhygienic and unclean drains. Hiring a reliable service for plumbing or cleaning drains to do the job on your behalf doesn’t have to be a daunting task, as long as you are willing to invest both your effort and time. Below are some of the useful tips you can keep in mind to help you hire the most reliable provider of services for cleaning your drains. Start Off with a Good Search Thanks to the existence of the internet, looking for reliable service providers that specialize in cleaning drains is no longer as difficult as before. It has become easier for people to locate all the available choices with the use of the local search engines right from the cozy and comfortable confines of your house. Now, if you find it hard to rely on the internet, you can always ask your neighbors and friends for some good (more…)

Commercial Ice Makers Repairs: Keep Your Machine Safe from Contaminants

Commercial Ice Makers Repairs: Keep Your Machine Safe from Contaminants If you don’t want to constantly worry about commercial ice makers repairs, it is important to ensure that your machine is well cleaned, maintained, and use all the time. You might not realize it but the ice marker can serve as a breeding ground not only for bacteria but also for other types of contaminants, and usually, these can go directly to the meals and beverages of your customers. The importance of following safe practice methods with the ice maker can never be understated, which is why it is important to take every measure to stop contaminants from invading your ice bin. There are a lot of ways that what you assume to be safe ice can end up contaminated. These include the following: Storage Bin An ice maker has plenty of crannies and nooks, and its storage bin itself could become the host for a large microbial party. Make sure that you remove all ice from this bin on a regular basis and let it dry. Sanitize the exterior and interior. Inspect the machine by shining a bright light inside it to check the upper surfaces, difficult to see spots, and corners. Check if there is any contamination or residual soil. If there is, do the cleaning process again. Water Source The ice machine might look clean, yet if the water source supplying it is being filtered through a (more…)

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